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Where to put the orchids in the apartment? Advice from experienced gardeners

If in your house there is a unique plant with a mysterious name Phalaenopsis, it is necessary to choose the best place. This flower requires special conditions, which today I'll tell you.

Where to put the orchid?

It is light - is the key to the full development of the plants, with well-chosen conditions will be fruitful flower blossom. You also need to pay attention to watering, humidity and temperature in the care of an orchid.

Phalaenopsis is better to put on the windowsill in the west or the south side of the house. Side is better to choose solar, to provide regular coverage of the flower.

But it is very important that at this point there was no pekuchee sun and the direct rays are not burned the plant its ultraviolet light.

Therefore, if the party is very sunny window to hang better on a light curtain which will scatter light. Or a curtain can be replaced by blinds or roman blind.

Otherwise pigmentation can appear on a flower, it will be spotted, it will be white and yellow spots, which are very difficult to get rid of.

Even in March, when the sun is considered to be harmless to the orchid may be due to burning, so you need to be careful. Also, if you put the plant in the sun, it may burn out and change the color, which is not desirable for the flower.

Pale green or yellow leaves is difficult to cure, they will remain damaged, will not be allowed until the new foliage.

Important! Also in the summer flower is useful to stand on the street, for example, to the loggia or balcony. But it is not worth putting in the sun, to be a shadow.

What would result from the absence of light and how it properly done?

Orchid flower fastidious, if you put it on the dark side, it will stop growing and will cease to bloom. If the plant is not enough light, the leaves are narrow, long and lifeless.

If you do not have a suitable place for this flower, I will share advice that helped me make harmless lighting for orchids.

A few tips:

1. To make an additional source of light for the extension of daylight and wintering painless, requires normal bulb.

2. I used fluorescent fitolamp, the spectral composition of which is closer to the natural spectrum.

3. During installation I adjust the height of the unit with the growth of orchids, but left away from the flower bulbs to about 30 centimeters, to the tips of the leaves are not affected.

4. Supplementary lighting I organize daily from 08:00 to 19:00, optimally to a flower growing actively and fruitfully blossomed need a minimum of 10-12 hours per day.

I hope my tips will help you choose the best possible place in the apartment for orchids.

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