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How useful cabbage and how to prepare it is tasty

Benefits and harms of cabbage discussed is not the first day. Nutritionists agree - totally healthy person properties of the plant will help to lose weight. Ordinary citizens are skeptical that the plant is so useful, as they say. But the taste of the variety of plant foods has won the hearts of slimming.

The composition and caloric content of cabbage

Useful properties of cabbage and its caloric make vegetable indispensable for the diet. The structure includes:

  • vitamin C, K, A, PP, E;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • biotin;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • lactose;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • zinc;
  • fiber.

100 g of the product have to 2.6 g protein, 5.8 g fat and 9.8 g of carbohydrates. Calories in cabbage little. 100 grams - only 100 kcal, without taking into account the nutritional value-addition products. Butter, yogurt, sour cream will add calories.

Useful properties of cabbage

Benefits of cabbage for the human body is mainly concerned with normalization, stimulation of digestion, metabolism, enhance overall health. Cooked plant has such an effect:

  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • increase energy, stamina;
  • It provides the necessary trace elements;
  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • prevents constipation;
  • leads to normal cholesterol levels;
  • improves the functioning of the nervous system;
  • prevents sclerosis, age changes;
  • protects against UV damage the retina;
  • prevents oncology diseases;
  • improves bowel.

Elderly will benefit the rich composition of the plant in its raw or cooked. Subject to the measures harm of vegetables will not.

During the diet braised product helps to lose weight without depriving the body of nutrients.

Important! Minor adverse effects are easy to neutralize after consulting a doctor. Properties do not imply a negative impact on the body, harm is caused only immoderate drinking.

The daily rate for a healthy person eating

Properties, useful and harmful, the product is such that it is necessary to respect certain rules, even a healthy person. 500 g - this is the maximum possible for use. Minimum portion to benefit - 200 g

Eating more cabbage 0.5 kg per day can furthermore use, the body and cause harm. Effects:

  • flatulence;
  • stomach ache;
  • the formation of colonic diverticula.

Observing the measure receive all the benefits of avoiding even a minor injury. A slight excess of the allowable portion of the one-time fee is not critical. Systematic violation of the recommendations will lead to undesirable consequences.

Features of the use of cabbage

Benefits and harms of braised cabbage are directly dependent on the amount, method of use. By following the recommendations may improve your health.

during pregnancy

When there is no stomach diseases, intestines, such food is permissible to use an expectant mother to 200 grams per day. A useful property of cabbage, relieves constipation, and will appear on the 2 tbsp. l. per day.

Benefits for pregnant women from the cabbage, not only in the properties. The composition saturates the body with the necessary nutrients the expectant mother is not worse than vitamins.


During the period of lactation should be restricted to use raw or cooked plant. In children under 1 month of this product in the mother's diet can cause colic. Portion 24 h. should not exceed 150 g

The behavior of the baby - the indicator. Ordinary, peaceful means, that the damage does not use. Overactive warns - instead of good manifested negative properties, the product should be excluded from the diet.

For kids

Baby products recommend giving to 7 months. First added to vegetable puree, cooked in milk. Since the year served as a separate dish, side dish to meat. Recommended serving to benefit without causing harm, ranging from 70 to 100 g

Important! Children make stew and fresh cabbage should be after receiving the recommendations of the pediatrician.

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