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5 important tips that do not fall Plum

Deciduous fruit - one of the main problems plum garden, which can come in different times - when trees still formed a small bud, when the plums have just started to fill with maturity or almost ripe.

In any case - prevent this phenomenon will help five tips from experienced gardeners.

The first advice - be prepared for the cold

In terms of biology, it is perfectly normal, a part of the shoots and flowers of plum spring freezes - tree forms buds with some reserve.

But if, because of the return of frost, or simply - cool summer, fall off almost all of the ovary, it certainly indicates a mismatch between the local climate present grade.

It is therefore recommended in the evaluation of the characteristics of varieties not ignore their cold hardiness.

Second tip - watered moderately

The roots of the drought Plum die if the water is poured - affects their decay and even how - to fall off the tree newly formed green or slightly yellow fruit.

The root system of culture lies higher than the apple, so it must be watered at least 5 times during the season, especially taking care of the soil moisture for 2-3 weeks before harvest.

It is also recommended to mulch the soil - to retain moisture and breathing horses.

The third advice - pollinate

For high-quality fruiting plum trees need pollinators. Bad when a few or they are far away - then drain casts ovary, and those fruits that were still able to form, are weakened and fall off before full ripeness.

Therefore, laying the plum garden, then you need to think about and pollinators. And they are different for each class. For example, the "Hungarian Home" pollinate "Anna Shpet" and "Mirabelle of Nancy."

It is also possible to choose more rare samoplodnye varieties, for example - "Hungarian tsaritsinskuyu", "Memory Timiryazev", "Morning."

Fourth advice - fertilize

Nutritional deficiencies provoked shedding of small fruits or does not allow to hold them to maturity.

For the season draining takes three feeding:

· Before flowering - for each tree in a bucket of water diluted 3 to 6 of Article. l. urea and potassium sulfate;

· When poured fruit - for each tree is prepared 2 buckets of water with dissolved 4 tbsp. l. urea and 6 art. l. nitrophosphate;

· After harvest - every tree nourish 3 buckets of water with 6 tablespoons. l. potassium sulphate and 9 art. l. superphosphate.

Fifth Board - to protect from pests

Plum moth larvae and pililschika are guilty of shedding the fruit and they are easy to identify by a wormhole to the drains.

Still there tolstonozhka - By doing this parasite instead of holes lays eggs in the ovaries of the bone and if later cut a plum, it appears that the bone in it broke in two.

From all of them helping spraying drugs "Fastak", "Arriva" before flowering and "Calypso", "Mospilan" after him.

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