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Soap with glycerin: benefits, how to make at home

Glycerin - a crystalline substance of viscous consistency, which has long been used as a means of softening and moisturizing properties and is used as an additive in creams, soaps, shampoos, detergents drugs. It includes as an ingredient for soap making at home. Benefits and harms of glycerine soap depends on the correctness of its preparation and application.

The composition of glycerine soap

Useful soap own preparation comprises water, an alcohol, glycerol, sugar esters, and alkali stearin. To impart color and odor added food coloring and flavors.

In the industrial manufacture of such ingredients may be used:

  • water;
  • glycerol;
  • lauric acid;
  • propylene glycol - food additive, that is similar to glycerol that is odorless and has a viscous structure;
  • Sodium laureth sulfate - used for the manufacture of sanitary, cosmetic, detergent;
  • sodium palmitate - a substance that is added to detergent formulations.

For the production of soap manufacturing companies can use and other chemical additives. Soapy is kept longer and cooked on their own - a more natural and healthy.

Types of glycerine soap

Glycerin soap may be a liquid and a solid. Creamy consistency mostly placed into the bottle with the dispenser that provides its safety and protection from the bacteria. Solid glycerine bars are perfect for gift souvenirs. The most relevant are useful gifts among the children's cosmetics. Soaps decorate, give them a different shape, are placed in their toys.

Used for soap making glycerol extracted from plant and animal fats. The first is actively used for the preparation of cosmetic means origin intended for face and body.

The useful glycerine soap

The use of glycerin soap is that it can be used for all skin types, except very sensitive. Means is hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for almost everyone. The use of glycerin soap for the face (damage observed in rare cases - mainly in personal intolerance of one component):

  • rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles;
  • It has moisturizing properties;
  • It creates an invisible film, protecting from external factors;
  • cleans and restores the required amount of nutrients;
  • It gives the skin elasticity.

Use glycerin soap bars are available every day, except for the winter period, when the use of soap can result in harm to skin problems.

Soap from glycerin liquid is well suited for the care of children's skin. It does not cause redness, peeling, rashes.

From what helps glycerine soap

Soap from a transparent viscous fluid, like any other, is a hygienic agent. But the range of its properties and applications is greater than that of a conventional soap bar.

  • Glycerin soap can be used to wash dry hair to get rid of dandruff.
  • It has soothing properties and helps soften the rough skin heels and elbows.
  • Glycerin soap is used for acne.
  • Using the results in the removal of age spots or to reduce them.
  • Thanks to the useful properties, it contributes to the rapid elimination of skin lesions such as wounds, rash, redness and scaling, as well as minor burns, burning and itching after bites insects.

Applying hygienic soap, it is worth remembering that despite the fact that glycerol - useful stuff, he still has chemical origin, so to avoid possible damage to the body's reactions do not need to overdo it using.

How to use glycerine soap

For the benefit and harm of soap with glycerin strongly it influences whether it is used correctly. To enhance the function of the useful properties of a cosmetic product, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules of its application:

  • As part of commercially available glycerin soap must come last or penultimate in the list of ingredients that will point to its lowest amount in the soap bar. Hygienic soap useful cooked yourself, must contain no more than 5% of the chemical.
  • Indoors for cosmetic procedures including use of glycerol agents, humidity should be at least 50%. If it is insufficient, the air to be pre-moistened. After the completion of the procedures necessary for some time to stay indoors to glycerol film formed on the face, to be fed with moisture.
  • Using glycerin soap and other means necessary to drink per day for at least 2 liters of clean water.

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