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What flowers can be sown before winter? Advice from experienced gardeners

Despite the fact that the autumn many farmers associated with the end of the season, this time is considered to be the most successful for planting certain plants.

Many annuals planted in the fall, given the very early sprouting and blooming much earlier than the same plants that were planted in the spring.

If desired, you can get flowering plants earlier. To do this, with the onset of the thaw, must be covered with foil or agrovoloknom crops.

Benefits podzimnego sowing

1. Seeds that have lain all winter in the ground, own sprout in the most favorable for them.

2. Weak specimens exposed to adverse conditions killed, and survive as a result of the most powerful plants that give a magnificent bloom and be resistant to diseases.

3. Plants sown under winter very quickly form roots. These flowers are more resistant to drought and is not often need watering.

4. Seeds are sown after the completion of all work in the garden and the garden. During this period, farmers have more free time, and you can safely engage in flowers.

5. Flowers autumn planting resistant to various diseases, and not so much attacked by pests.

6. In the autumn and winter are changing the natural stratification, there is no need for additional germination or hardening.

7. In such cases, it is not necessary to grow the seedlings on the windowsill.

Disadvantages of planting plants in winter

1. Sown in this way can only be in certain types of plants, not all varieties are suitable for planting.

2. When planting should take into account that about 40% of the seeds will not pass the natural selection and die.

3. Only sunny areas without humidity podzimnego suitable for planting. If the area will stagnate moisture, the young shoots die.

4. If your area is often replaced by warming frost, the young shoots are dying in large numbers.

How to determine the time for sowing

If you sow the seeds too early, they may come up in the fall and die. For this reason, the sowing must be done no sooner than the soil temperature drops to +4 C and daytime temperatures will drop below 0 C.

If the upper layers of soil begin to freeze, it signaled the start of sowing.

In the spring, after the seeds sprout, in order to ensure the full development of the plants, they need to be thinned out.

plant varieties that are suitable for planting podzimnego

Perennials: primrose, delphinium, Gaillardia, doronicum, yarrow, monkshood, Ligularia, Symphyotrichum novi-belgii, alpine aster, gentian, pink, bell, lavender, euphorbia, baby's breath.

Annuals: mignonette, hops, flax, Clark, nasturtium, calendula, cornflower, eschscholzia, lupine, Nigella, all kinds of asters, agrostemma ordinary, lobulyariya sea, poppy.

In order to achieve success in the cultivation of plants before winter, you need to prepare in advance a place for planting and to all fertilizer.

All bed carefully dug up, the lumps are broken, removed weeds and their roots.

For fertilizer, you can use humus, peat, compost. Complex fertilizers are also quite suitable.

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