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How quickly and get rid of lice in the garden

Every gardener wants to get rid of lice (chickweed) forever. Effective ways to deal with a lot of weeds.

With regular carrying out of preventive procedures appearance lice is reduced to a minimum.

agro-technical measures

Fight woodlice begin the first phase of the spring when the snow melts and the ground thaws, but the active life is still ahead.

mechanical effects

1. Digging and hoeing. Cleaning the soil from residues Chickweed and its roots.

2. Systematic weeding out new shoots of grass.

3. Digging the ground after the harvest, followed by purification by woodlice its roots.

4. Complete purification garden plot of weed root system.

Work on digging carried out in sunny weather. Distant from the site Multiped not used for compost.

It is better to collect on the film and put in the sun to dry. Subsequently the material is useful for therapeutic infusions and decoctions.


Is carried out after each weeding and loosening. For these purposes fit all but the most Chickweed or other weeds with seeds.

Reduction of soil acidity

Deoxidizing soil to neutral levels, do without exhausting weeding. Use chalk, dolomite flour or hydrated lime. The funds shall be made before winter or early spring. However, not all crop plants like slightly acidic soil.


Apply in cases when other methods do not help.


1. Raundat. Chickweed is suitable for one-year. The bucket was dissolved 60 ml of product and treated weeds. The procedure is done early in the morning or in the evening, as the daily high temperature neutralizes the action of the drug.

2. hurricane Forte. At the 3-liter bottle is taken 15-20 ml herbicide. Grass treated 1 time in calm weather.

3. Tornado. In 3 l water - 25 ml of product. Composition preparing before use.

4. Chistopol. At the 3-liter bottle - 15 ml of the herbicide. The solution used in dry warm weather.

In addition to chemistry, used folk remedies, from which there is no harm horticultural crops and gardeners.

folk ways

What will save the land from woodlice:

1. Strong saline. Sprayed area, where there are no flower beds with vegetables. Or every 30-45 days opushayut ground rock salt: 1 square. m - 1.5 kg.

2. Processing weeds solution: 200 ml of acetic acid, 2 cups of water. Plus package pineapples, 30 ml alcohol, 2 hr. spoons preparation for washing (guard against ingress of substances to culture).

3. A saturated solution of soda. Stellaria sprayed at a distance of 0.2 m from the culture landings.

4. Herbicidal soap. Processed herb mixture of salt, vinegar solution shredded household soap in the same proportions.

Only under constant application means described Multiped completely disappear.

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