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Whether Botox is harmful for the hair, the pros and cons

Benefits and harms of Botox for hair - a topical issue for women interested in improving their appearance. In order to understand whether or not to use Botox, it is necessary to understand its properties.

What is Botox for Hair

Despite its name, Botox for hair has nothing to do with the material used to smooth out wrinkles.

  • This Botox - a neurotoxic drug that blocks the transmission of neuromuscular impulses.
  • Botox for Hair - it's just a useful vitamin serum deeply nourishes the hair and restores their power and volume.

Serum effect is not permanent. To hair remained strong and beautiful, the procedure is necessary from time to time again. However, the benefits from the use of Botox, albeit quite short, is visible at once. Procedure is able to transform even the most dull and weak-looking curls.

The composition of Botox

Vitamin serum produced by many brands, and the composition may vary. However, you can list the main components that are always present in any serum:

  • Intra-silane molecules - the main active ingredient;
  • Keratin - an amino acid that helps to restore damaged hair;
  • vitamins A, E and C;
  • peptides;
  • elastin structure contributes improvement of hair damaged by chemical action;
  • essential oils;
  • hyaluronic acid, responsible for the water balance inside the hair shaft.

Also, it is composed of phytochemicals - plant extracts useful. They further saturate the hair with vitamins and minerals have an antioxidant effect and help to rejuvenate cells.

The use of Botox for Hair

Hair Treatment Serum not only makes them more attractive, but also brings real benefits. The properties of Botox:

  • repair damaged portions of the hair shaft;
  • help fight split ends and eliminate the "fluffiness" of individual hairs;
  • have a strengthening effect on the roots and hair follicles with vitamins;
  • stop hair loss and make hair much stronger;
  • impart additional shock of hair shine, volume and elasticity.

Indications for the procedure

In some defects, the application properties of serum vitamin particularly justified. In particular, Botox is recommended:

  • hair prone to hair loss, and increased fragility;
  • for curls, lost strength and shine as a result of frequent staining and thermal treatments;
  • for split ends, even if they remain strong hair and strong, brittle on the tips of spoils the appearance and does not allow to create a beautiful hairstyle.

If your hair is completely healthy, for them to carry out the procedure simply does not make sense, from this there will be neither harm nor good.

The Botox is harmful for hair

Contrary to popular belief, the properties of whey are not dangerous in themselves. The product does not contain any toxins or harmful chemicals, it contains only vitamins, beneficial oils, amino acids and safe active ingredient.

However, harm the properties of Botox can still.

  • Individual components can produce an allergic reaction. Therefore, before applying the serum should be carefully considered its composition and make sure the mixture is perfectly safe.
  • Even a quality Botox without allergic components can go in harm, if you use it too often. Hair will be oversaturated with active ingredients, and instead to harden, become thinner and more brittle.

Approach to the use of Botox needed responsibly - do not apply the serum unnecessarily. To carry out the procedures necessary to choose a reliable beauty salon with skilled craftsmen and carefully follow the application of Botox technology in home care.

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