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5 best means to feed beets and carrots

On any garden or summer cottage is always a place for the beets and carrots. Useful roots undemanding to care. But every gardener looks for ways to make vegetables tastier and sweeter. And in this case, can not do without high-quality feeding.

Ready-made fertilizers much. But as a part of each dressing have chemicals from which gardeners are beginning to give up. By using folk remedies, root crops harvest shoot no worse, and fertilizing is cheaper.

carrot Top dressing

Most effective folk compositions:

1. The infusion of nettle. Two weeks prior to fertilizing composition prepared where nettles and water were combined in a ratio of 2: 1. Give him a brew. One week prior to feeding into the yeast was added, and ash (optional). Before watering the mixture was diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10.

2. Yeast. Such feeding carrot seeds to encourage the growth of friendly. The water bucket is introduced 100 g of live compressed yeast, poured 2 tbsp. l. sugar and insist 1,5 hours. Ready solution watered seedlings.

3. Ash. preparing a sol or solution is used in dry form from the ashes. The powder is introduced into the soil before planting. A solution prepared ash for 6 hours before use.

Ash fall asleep in a glass of-liter cylinder filled with boiling water. After a six-hour infusion carrots watered, but pre-infusion diluted in 10 liters of liquid.

Optionally added manganese 2 crystal. Fertilizing improve product quality, increase its sugar content.

traditional methods used practically the same components to feed the beet.

beet fertilizing

Traditional recipes allow to grow sweet and juicy beets, which can then be used in the raw, boiled, baked form.

Fertilizers for beets:

1. The solution solipovarennoy. A teaspoon of salt is poured into a quart jar with water. In early August, watering solution.

2. Ash. Applied sol solution or powder after the initial germination and during the formation of roots. But unlike carrot powder is poured into the aisle. Applying similar ash solution.

3. Herb tea. Reminiscent of the infusion of nettle carrot. But instead of taking nettle weed obtained after weeding.

4. orthoboric acid. Dip 5 g of boric acid crystals in water desyatilitrovoe bucket. Irrigate the sprouts twice during the formation of 3-4 leaves.

These simple tools: nettle, yeast, salt, ash and weeds, boric acid, containing necessary elements ensure good harvest root crops grow without extra effort and costs.

List of folk remedies is constantly updated with new recipes. And why buy expensive unsafe chemicals when simple tools are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, boron, necessary for the growth of carrots and beets.

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