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How to grow currants large and tasty? 5 Important Tips

Gardeners often planted in their area currants, as it tolerates cold, easy to clean. Especially popular are her black varieties.

With the berries get a very tasty jam. If you observe basic instilled and know some secrets, even from one bush can collect a large harvest.

Secret # 1: Proper planting

Cottagers recommend planting a plant in a meter of each other. If the shrubs grow close, they have reduced yields. Small fruits, acidic. Also, the close proximity of a negative effect on the lifespan of the plant.

If the bush will be planted along the fence, it is necessary to pull back 1.5 meters from it.

Secret # 2: Proper fertilizing

Currant likes starch, so it is often used feeding potato peel. Better if it will be prepared as an infusion. To do this, 3 liters of boiling water add about a glass of dry potato residues.

After the container is removed, and wrapped in a blanket, to a mixture of the present. Therefore fertilizer should then be fed into the bush flowering period. In one bush need 3 liter infusion.

Also, under a bush, you can sprinkle fertilizer after it abundantly pour water.

Secret 3: regular pruning

Each year, should remove the sick and the old branches. Basal shoots pruned in the spring. So the plant will focus its forces on the formation of a thick bush, and harvest.

To protect plants from disease, sections processed garden pitch.

Secret 4: sufficient irrigation

For the formation of berries it is very important the correct watering. If the bush is not enough moisture, the berries are small with thick skins. Water the plants three times during the season.

The first time watering produce the appearance of the green mass, and the ovaries, and then when they start to mature berries, and the last time after harvest.

When watering on a bush takes about 5 buckets of water. The fact that the roots currant enter deep into the soil, so a layer of half a meter should be well saturated with water.

Secret 5: bees

It is these insects engaged in pollination currant. To bush was attractive to them, it should be sprayed with sugar water. For one liter of water is necessary to take a tablespoon of honey.

Also on the perimeter can be put flowering plants. Bees are attracted Aster, honeysuckle, peony. The flowers should be planted in the sun, protected from drafts areas.

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