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How useful cheese, composition and preparation

Feta cheese - a fermented milk product which is obtained from the milk of goats, sheep and cows. The taste and appearance resembles cheese, the same white color and consistency. Benefits and harms of cheese - a fact long known to mankind, as the use of the product itself.

The composition and caloric content of cheese

Brine the cheese in contrast to other durum optimally balanced. Little fat compared to protein than cheese defined benefit to the organism.

Preparation of brine cheese does not require heat treatment, affecting the preservation of useful components of the product.

Feta cheese does not contain carbohydrates, it allows you to use the product who wish to lose weight.

 The composition of the salty cheese:

  • compounds of organic acids;
  • vitamins, A, D, E;
  • cholesterol;
  • minerals: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur.

Benefits and harms of cheese for the human body is due to a variety of composite components.

Important! Figures in the table may vary, because calorie cheese brine depends on the fat content of milk from which the product is cooked.

Useful properties of cheese

Most Valuable - goat cheese, despite the high fat content. Valuable medicinal product features required to manufacture the specifics.

  • Cheese is not subjected to a heat treatment, a useful product components: minerals, proteins, vitamins are not destroyed by high temperatures.
  • Rich composition of vitamins, minerals, calcium, fluoride, potassium, magnesium; protein and fatty acids make the product a source of essential nutrients.
  • Specific treatment of milk helps to keep calcium, making easily digestible. This product is useful for the child's body, because calcium is essential for the growth of teeth, the child's bones.
  • The brine cheese contains the necessary protein, fatty acids. They will help restore power under heavy loads.

Thus, the use of sheep's cheese is obvious. The same applies to the goat, cow's cheese.

For whom cheese is especially useful

Thanks to the rich composition, the specificity of the preparation, the product is useful for almost everyone. Especially to certain groups of people.

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of cheese for menopausal women and elderly ladies, when there is increased leaching of calcium from the female body.

There is not a single product with a high content of calcium, so easily digestible by the human body. If you take calcium tablets, it is poorly absorbed, the proportion of the valuable mineral remaining in the body is negligible. Therefore, the cheese must be included in the daily diet of all women after 40 years.

Pregnant ladies, it is desirable to have a sheep or goat cheese, useful for the formation of the skeletal system of the future baby. It is important not to abuse. You can make the main component of salty cheese salads.

Useful fermented milk product for children when they are growing bones and teeth. In order to strengthen the child's body to benefit more from the goat cheese, the milk of these animals as hypoallergenic, does not cause allergic reactions, it is important for today's children.

White cheese from goat's milk suitable for young nursing mothers. The value of cheese - the basis of preparation of hypoallergenic materials.

Proteins, fatty acids are essential for people engaged in heavy physical labor.

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