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It is useful to whether to wipe the face with ice, how to cook it at home

Benefits and harms of ice for the face of interest to many women who care about the freshness and beauty of the skin with the help of home remedies. To understand what effect ice has on the face, it is necessary to examine the nature and properties of cold wipe.

Ice acts on the skin

Notice the benefits of rubbing the face with ice can be instantly - after the first procedure. First of all, narrow pores, the skin becomes more smooth and uniform, and the complexion more healthy. Due to the fact that leaves a light swelling, tightens facial contours, and from this it seems younger.

A useful ice eliminates pronounced dark circles under the eyes and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. If you regularly wipe the face with ice, then throughout the day it will stay dry and matte, even bold type epidermal unpleasant greasy luster will not arise.

What is useful for facial ice

Among the valuable properties of ice are several main beneficial effects:

  • accelerates blood circulation and the movement of lymph, therefore the person ceases to swell and swell;
  • narrow pores, and thereby regulates the production of fat;
  • strengthens blood vessels located under the skin, and leave the bruises under his eyes;
  • improves skin tone, it becomes a pleasant smoothness and elasticity.

Useful properties of cold rubs make the skin more resistant to a variety of influences. Therefore, on the face appear less pimples and acne, skin better tolerate temperature changes and ceases to crack and peel in the cold season.

Rules Ice

At first glance it seems that the preparation of ice cubes - quite an elementary procedure. But here you need to follow certain rules.

  • Water to freeze suitable only purified - water from the tap is not good, it is necessary to use filtered or bottled liquid.
  • Additional components for the preparation of blocks, berries, fruits and other ingredients, too, must be completely clean and fresh.
  • Sized cubes should be medium, not too big and not small, that they were easy to wipe the face. It is not recommended to make ice in the form of beads, they will slip out of your fingers.
  • must be removed in the freezer for 10-12 hours to freeze the water quality in special molds. Accordingly, the cubes to wipe the need to prepare in advance, and not just before the procedure.

Tip! Freezing water better not to use plastic and silicone mold, it is much easier to extract the finished cubes.

How to wipe the face with ice

By careless conduct procedures use ice for the face in the morning turned into evil. Therefore it is important to follow some recommendations.

  • Before wiping need to wash with cool water to prepare a face to the effects of the cold and do not cause harm to the skin temperature drop.
  • Lead cube face need not chaotic, but on special lines - from the center point in the direction of the forehead the temples, over the lip of the upper points of the cheekbones, of the chin from the center to the ears of the tip of the nose to temples.
  • The impact should not be too intense. Kubik is not necessary to strongly press-to-face, as it is impossible to detain him in one place for longer than 3 seconds - it will harm.
  • During the procedure you want to use only 1 die, not to get hypothermia - this will damage a person may turn red and start to peel.

The first useful wiping is best done in the evening to possible initial redness had disappeared overnight. In the future, wipe the face is best in the morning, or twice a day - morning and before bedtime.

Popular recipes ice

Benefits and harms of rubbing the face with ice manifest even in the event that use ordinary clean water. But to enhance the beneficial properties it is recommended to add additional ingredients - herbs, berries, fruits, herbs and other ingredients.

Ice cubes with parsley

Toning and refreshing effect on the face has frozen broth of parsley. Make the ice so - fresh greens ground thoroughly, then pour 100 grams of raw materials cup of boiling water.

When configure themselves useful tool for half an hour, it will need to fill in special molds and send it to freeze. Parsley Properties will bring a special benefit if the person often swells after sleep, and under the eyes appear visible bruises.

Ice for the face of the green or red tea

A beneficial effect on the skin of any type will have ice, with green or red tea. Half a glass of good mineral water without gas, add 2 large tablespoons strong brewed tea. When the mixture has cooled slightly, it can be pour into forms and put into the freezer.

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Useful properties of green tea or red to effectively rejuvenate the face, promote cell renewal, deeply cleanse pores. Use these cubes is especially useful for oily type of the epidermis, as rubbing will help to smooth the first wrinkles.

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