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Mustard from pests in the garden. Features of the application

There are simple home methods you can use to save fruit and vegetable garden. One of these techniques is the use of mustard. It has a low cost, but highly effective. In order to apply you will need a small amount of material and time.

Destruction of snails and slugs

To eliminate them you will need to buy a pre-mustard powder. It is sold in pharmacies. The powder is poured into the furrows between the beds and in the area of ​​the roots. To enhance the effect, to add mustard powder and pepper ash from plants.

The final composition destroys already appeared slugs and snails, but also contributes to the prevention of re-colonization.

Destruction of caterpillars and aphids

For this purpose, the powder is not applicable. It is necessary to make the solution. Take 1 sachet of mustard powder, pour 100 ml of warm water. The finished fluid should sit for 8 hours. After this time the solution was stirred with warm water in ratio 1: 1.

Add 50 g of soap. Everything is stirred vigorously and pollinate shoots.

Elimination of the Colorado potato beetle

Take mustard powder and dissolved in 3 liters of water. There was added 120 mL of 9% vinegar. The solution is thoroughly mixed, the processing area of ​​the appearance of the insect. Means destroys adult insects and their larvae.

Eliminating onion fly

In 3 l jar dissolves water and 100 g of mustard powder. The mixture is stirred thoroughly, to avoid lumps formed. Liquid watered the beds where the onions.

Means of highly efficient, so it can act, even if it is used only 2 times per season.

Slowing the growth of weeds

In 2 liters of water was dissolved 10 table spoonfuls of mustard. All thoroughly mixed. Get enough liquid suspension, comparable in consistency with yogurt. She watered the beds containing weeds.

If you use the method on a daily basis, not only to slow down the growth of plants, the beds will not actually contain weeds.

The use as fertilizer

mustard powder obtained from its seeds. But if they are not subjected to a treatment, and sow between the rows of fruit vegetables, produced the effect of fertilizer.

Means not only promotes the growth of plants, but also an antiseptic effect. That is, it will decrease the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Fertilizing effect associated with the accumulation in soil phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, which originate from mustard to shoots sprouted.

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