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Lettuce: benefit and harm, how to keep the winter

Lettuce cooks consider a godsend. In addition, it is decorated with fine dishes, making them very original and delicious, widely known for its nutritional qualities. An important advantage of the leaves is the early growth period. While the rest of the vegetables ripen, it is already present on the table. Therefore, the benefits and harms of lettuce should be known to every housewife. Especially if you want to use the product is not only beneficial to the body at once, but to keep it for the winter.

Types of lettuce

There are two large contingent group of salads - Kochan and leafy. If before the leaves were used mainly for decoration of dishes, but now it is lettuce benefit to the organism was the cause of the growth of its popularity. Varieties differ not only in size and color, but also have different taste qualities. Choose the right plant is not difficult. The most common such leafy varieties:


The earliest appearance with large leaves, wavy at the ends. It has a very delicate flavor and a good succulence. It is used in the recipes of vegetable dishes, for making sandwiches and vegetable snacks.

Important! The variety is not suitable for long storage.


Mega grade due to their taste parameters and positive effect on the body. Strengthening the immune system, aid in the digestive tract and establishment of metabolism - an invaluable quality of lettuce. A relative of the dandelion with a spicy aroma and unusual walnut-flavored mustard. It grows individual stems, provides an excellent combination with cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Lollo Rossa

A second well-known name - coral lettuce. Grown in two colors - red and green leaves. Green appearance is called Lollo Biondo. Unlike other varieties - an intense nutty flavor with a slight bitterness. It combined both with hot and cold cuts, with spicy and sweet sauces, meat dishes, roasted vegetables. Designers to grow plants in the beds as a decoration.

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