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How and when to feed the black currant? 3 Best method

Everyone dreams to have your country site, so that you can land on it, not only vegetables but also fruit plants. The most popular berry is considered black currant. It has long been used in the preparation of stewed fruit, jam, jam, and take as a filling for pastries.

But what if the currant bushes grow you in the yard, and you do not know how to properly take care of it, so that it bears fruit large berries? To do this, there are unique ways of care and feeding.

Potatoes - cheap and effective

Potato peelings are considered the best fertilizer for currants. This is one of the most affordable types of dressing that is easy to find and do. The main secret of the popularity of this fertilizer - the presence of a large amount of starch.

Very efficient to do tincture of potato peel and watered her currant bushes in the spring during flowering, as well as fall.

Ash - additional power supply

To enhance the growth of black currant bushes, and their fertility, you should:

• clean around the bush grass and loosen the earth;

• sprinkle the land with ash;

• top with potato skins.

In the spring, when the berries start to get in shape, do not be lazy, and to the treated and purified the earth, empty bowl of potato peelings, and be sure to mix it with a layer of soil using a garden shoulder blades.

Currant - a water-loving plant that needs additional watering. It is especially important to remember in the fall, because the lack of water in the ground lead to the fact that shrubs do not survive the winter.

Blackcurrant bushes have a fibrous root system and to protect the plant against damage and moisture loss from the top is necessary to potato peels sprinkle mulch. It can be purchased at any specialty store.

If you can not use the potato residues, while suitable for feeding liquor and urea. To do this, 2 tbsp. spoon of this mixture were diluted in 10 liters of water and then this solution moderately watering every bush blackcurrant.

Mullein - an alternative to potato starch

This fertilizer is used by many gardeners because of its versatility, as appropriate flowers, vegetables, fruit crops and increases the content of humus in the soil.

Mullen rich in macro- and trace elements, especially nitrogen - a basic element for proper growth.

To prepare such a dressing, it is necessary to take a 10-liter bucket and fill it fresh cow dung, filling in only a quarter of the bucket and then add water. Leave everything in this state for 5-7 days, but no longer.

After 5 days, when the manure ferment and lose their harmful properties, takes another 10-liter bucket of water and added to the whole liter of mullein. Fertilizer need to mix and then go to water the bushes of black currant, approximately 5 liters under every bush.

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