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Mother and stepmother: useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of a mother and stepmother are directly related to its healing properties. Potent substances as part of herb can provide tangible assistance to the body in a variety of diseases, but its mismanagement or excessive use could be harmful to health. Having studied the beneficial properties of grass mother and stepmother to the independent use, should also familiarize yourself with the features of its effects and contraindications.

Looks like and where it grows mother and stepmother

Yellow, bright flowers mother and stepmother, among the first to bloom in spring, often as early as April. On stems coated brown scales discloses one inflorescence. Small, tubular petals collected in baskets small diameter.

After flowering appear the size of a palm leaf, with large teeth on the edges. The upper part of the plate is smooth, glossy. The bottom is covered with white fuzz, velvety, warm. For this property, and called grass - mother-and-stepmother. Latin name says more about the application, it is literally translated as "banishes cough."

Perennial prefers clay soils at reservoirs, of vacant lots can settle down in the garden. Useful Herbs mother and stepmother, is considered a weed, often grows on uncultivated land.

The chemical composition mother and stepmother

The use of mother and stepmother to the human body is determined by a complex balance of a large number of components in the composition. Medicinal properties found in flowers, seeds, roots and leaves mother and stepmother.

The main active substance in the composition of herbs and their beneficial properties:

  • essential oils have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties against viruses, fungi, protozoa;
  • mucus envelop the inner surface of the oropharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, intestines, contributing to their healing, reduce swelling;
  • fitosterony help build muscle, tone, strengthen the body's defenses, are antioxidants, normalize cholesterol;
  • glycosides exhibit properties liquefy bronchial secretion, contribute to the removal of phlegm from the respiratory system, improve digestion;
  • organic acids prevent wear cells accelerate regeneration treat purulent processes strengthen the immune system;
  • tannins disinfected, reduce inflammation, constrict blood vessels and enhance, reduce bleeding;
  • flavonoids, carotenoids, saponins, sterols, inulin, rutin, vitamin C and many other valuable compounds.

Important! Useful exposure provides a full range of substances that enhance the therapeutic properties and complementary to each other. Therefore, the range of applications easy grass is huge.

What are the benefits of mother and stepmother

Current property of the mother-and-stepmother - treatment of cough of any origin. Any part of the grass is able to enhance the production and output of sputum that has been successfully used in dry cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinitis.

Use colors mother coltsfoot determined by the presence of essential oils, tannins, phenolic acids, phytosterols. Substances destroy many pathogens, accelerate metabolism.

Leaves mother and stepmother accumulate more mucilage, carotenoids, vitamins, trace elements. Their use is more noticeable in the treatment of anemia, vitamin deficiency, fatigue. Enveloping, antiseptic, healing properties of herbs are used externally and to help the internal organs with mucosal lesions.

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