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Learn to repot an orchid correctly: 3 Ways

Orchid - it is one of the plants, which require high-quality care of yourself. Fortunately, it is not very capricious. Therefore, sit orchid is simple enough. However, the multiplication of these flowers requires specific knowledge. There are three cool ways to sit an orchid.

To begin this process is recommended in the spring, because at that time the plant had accumulated forces for development.

Attention: Be careful not to damage the fragile roots. Sections were necessarily be treated with charcoal.

Also check if there are any illnesses as possible to seat only healthy individuals.

Method 1: reproduction "baby"

Under the children we mean the side shoots. This new individuals, only began to grow. Only part of the varieties can grow them, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium.

To form shoots, requires a high temperature, and requires use recharge with high nitrogen content.

If you saw the first side shoot, it is necessary to regularly spray and wait until it will root. Next, separate the child from the mother (which we are brutal) and sprinkle the cut coal. Then you can put the orchid in a new pot.

Method 2: Air otvodki

They can grow in Epidendriumov and Dendrobium. This method is more complex, because it requires the presence of mini-greenhouses and sphagnum. it is placed in a greenhouse, and before it is placed on wet moss for the fastest possible development of the escaping.

Take care that the room was damp and warm. If these conditions are met, the shoots begin to turn into a full plant.

After rooting separate the child from the mother again, sprinkle charcoal and sadim into the pot. Parent orchid for some time should be left in the greenhouse humidity and good lighting.

Method 3: division

If you have room Orchid, this method will suit perfectly. Especially if you have a plant species Cymbidium, Cattleya and Pafiopedilum. the following statement:

1. We take out the plant from the pot, ensuring the integrity of the roots.

2. Cleanse them from the earth.

3. Cut the roots that was of 3 pseudobulbs on each half.

4. The sections were treated with charcoal and soot.

It is important that the plant was at least 4 bulbs. Do not get too small to divide the orchid because it will slow down its growth rate. This method is also well suited when the pseudobulbs get out from under the ground, or if you want to transplant the plant.

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