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Hydrangea macrophylla: the care and cultivation of plants

Hydrangea - this is a very beautiful plant, which is sure to become a decoration at home. A wide range of colors (white, red, pink, light blue and blue) allows to choose the species that is most suitable for your interior.

Flower large in height, it can be 1.5 meters. Flowering occurs three seasons except winter, when the plant goes "to sleep" to recuperate.

The room is usually bred Hydrangea macrophylla, and today we present recommendations for effective cultivation of this plant.


It is necessary to ensure the largest possible amount of light, but avoid direct exposure to the sun to flower. If you put the plant too close to the window (eg, window sill), then leaves it after a while will show up bright spots.

To avoid this, it is advisable to set aside her from the window at a distance of about 4 meters.


The optimum temperature for growing Hydrangea macrophylla - room (18-22 degrees). Do not allow the plants in the draft, and avoid sudden temperature jump.

In winter it is best to keep in a dark cool (7-9 degrees) place. As this place is ideal cellar.

Only in the winter do not forget the flower watering. And when it's February, return it back into heat. If it is not placed in the winter cold, it will blossom only next winter. What we do not need this, right?


Second name hydrangea is literally translated as 'water barrel', which indicates the style of care for this flower. But, of course, can not go to extremes. Most water is required in the summer, spring and autumn - a moderate amount.

But in the winter can not be watered too much, otherwise the plant will rot.

Watering hydrangea need supernatant with water at room temperature. Ideal melted water. Sometimes you need to add to it 5 drops of lemon juice to oxidize a little ground.

In addition, the need to regularly spray the leaves. In dry conditions they are very perishable. It is for this reason it is impossible to keep the hydrangea next to the battery.

disease Prevention

To prevent the occurrence of some diseases, it is necessary to comply with three simple conditions:

1. Timely and properly watered.

2. Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Correctly repot the plant.

In this case, the flower will be long please you with its beauty.

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