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How to transplant a cactus in another pot

Cactus - the most popular plants among gardeners. They often buy beginners or amateurs. Unfortunately, some time later cactus becomes unhealthy appearance.

Not everyone knows how to solve this problem. But to prevent the death of the plant, it must be transplanted into another pot, after which it will begin to actively grow. Read more about the procedure transplanting cactus in the article.

In some cases, you need a transplant?

Transplant necessary for proper growth of any plant. Cacti is no exception.

The need for transplant usually indicates the appearance of the plant. If you notice that the plant has an unhealthy kind: do not bloom, thorns are not developed, and the trunk is only increased in height - it's time to think about the transplant.

The reason was, most likely, the disease or excessively overgrown root system. After rigorously conducted procedures will revive the plant.

Approximate time for the procedure - the beginning of spring. Do not repot the plant without the need, for example, every year. Without transplanting cactus can cost about 3 years, and in some cases, and 5-6 years.

What you need for a transplant?

The list of required items for transplantation is limited:

1. New capacity for the plant.

Her need to pre-wash with soap and soda to make it more not moldy. After that wash well, not to leave the soap, dry it, process disinfector

The new tank must be deeper than the old pot, and at the same time by 3-4 cm longer than the roots of the plants. Thus, the pot size depends on the length of the roots and not on the stem height. Too large containers are not suitable, they will have the same effect that is too small, that is, the plant ceases to bloom and grow.

It is better to give preference to the clay rather than plastic pots.

2. Thick rubber gloves, so as not to prick.

3. Land / any soil mix.

It can be purchased at the store or make your own. Usually mixed peat, turf ground and coarse sand. The resulting mixture was slightly moistened. The ground should be friable, no rot and excess nitrogen.

Preparing to transplant a cactus

Do not water the plant for 4 days prior to transplant. Due to the dry soil, the cactus can be removed easily as possible and without any damage.

After extracting examine root system. If there are rotten parts, remove them. This can be done using a disinfected knife.

At the bottom of the prepared container, place the stones for drainage - sand. Spread the roots and immerse the pot so that the root collar is flush with the upper edge of the pot. Holding the plant gradually begins to pour into the pot ground.

From time to time it is necessary to carefully knock the pot on the table to the ground compacted. Do not crush it. Leave to the edge of the pot approximately 1 cm free. That is, the upper part of the root system should be slightly visible.

Transplanted the plant should be placed in the shade. Not to water from 1 to 3 weeks depending on how much water-loving plant. Otherwise the plant may begin to rot.

Regularly watch the plant for 1-2 months after the transplant, to prevent the negative effects and the time to take action in the event of their occurrence.

root bath

This procedure is useful for poorly growing plants that have ceased to bloom. After it starts normal growth. Make it after removing the cactus from the old pot before planting in the new one.

First, heat the water to about 55 degrees. Lower roots into it for 10-15 minutes. Then hang the plant and allow it to dry for a day.

After this grafting process can be continued as usual.
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