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Music light - a useless gadget or an original gift

LED lamps - this is the usual gadget in any house, but manufacturers in pursuit of a buyer's attention go to various tricks, inventing new types of lamps. And at the same time combining them seemingly incompatible things. One of these hybrids, and I will discuss in today's article. So, let's begin.

First meeting

By studying the vastness of the Internet, I came across a very interesting gadget. Namely, the music LED bulb. After reading about it, I wanted to get to know him better. Therefore, I did not hesitate, ordered a lamp on Aliekspress site.

Purchase cost me 441 rubles 55 kopecks at the time of order (January 2019).

The lamp was packed only into a standard box, which is slightly rumpled (oh, post office, post office).

Inside the box, except for the lamp and the remote control is no longer anything.

The remote is powered by a three-volt "pills". It was already installed the battery, only it was almost completely empty, so we had to install a new battery.

The parameters declared by the manufacturer as follows:

So, with the parameters and appearance of time to finish and move on to the tests.

First-time setup and checking of

In this lamp standard E27, so it can be screwed into any socket.

When the sound is heard, and the light glows in different colors.

Remote control is activated only when it directly to direct the light bulb speaker, the maximum sensing distance of not more than 5 meters (as stated 10).

Chinese Xiaomi phone found the device and connect without problems. And no matter how surprising it may sound, but the bulb began to play music. When this function is activated color music that side looks very nice.

Using the remote configured glow lamp. And last but not least, a light bulb, you can simply turn off, but the music will still play.


After studying this gadget, I have come to this conclusion:

Musical lamp as the light source in the room to consider is not necessary in principle. This is just an entertainment accessory and if you do not mind spending on entertainment 500 rubles, it is quite possible to buy. For example, surprise your guests, or set in the playroom to make a child happy. Of course, to buy or not a purely personal matter, if you wish to buy, then I bought a light bulb in this store.

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