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Do you know how to harmoniously combine different colors and shades of the walls, furniture and decorative elements. 8 design recommendations

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Blue, green, yellow, beige, red... .You already decided what color the interior of your stylish apartment It will be the mainAnd which will only be given to bright accent? After all, not every color or shade is suitable for this!

pick up color palette for its interior oh how not easy, because there are so many colors and shades! But, by the way, there is a fairly simple and proven way to avoid mistakes when choosing a color - is to use a bright color element, which will be a sort of benchmark. Often it is your favorite decorative element - unusual chair, old carpet, Coffee tablemanual work or a work of modern art... The choice is so varied... so today I prepared a design 8 tips to help you to express individuality with the decoration and furnishing of your house or apartment.

Soft and thin, and cold saturated... .Poprobuyte you create interesting color combinations, using several variants of the same color by a harmonious combination of colors of the walls, furniture and decorative items!

1.Gray. One of the most versatile colors for decoration. It easily can be combined in the same space using the number of "shades".

You can use the light-gray color on the walls, using the "Anthracite" create accent wallAnd furnishing of the room to use sofadull gray. Then add in the interior of the room a few colorful potted plants and decorative items, and you will get 100% successful and trendy decor!

2.Blue. It has a calming and relaxing effect, and it is one of the main reasons why it is so popular! In an age where everything is very fast and dynamic, and you try to turn your home into a calm lagoon! For example, dark blue add a chic touch to your interior, while a bright blue give, soft, serene and soothing accent.

Blue color perfectly suitable if you are present in the interior elements from different species wood. This combination will allow you to create a unique harmonious decor!

3.Beige. Ah, the good old beige! Fashion it is slowly returning, after he had been replaced everywhere to gray. Decorating your apartment with the help of a neutral color always helps to make it a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

Warm beige color blends perfectly with a variety of decorative accessories, whether wicker basket, Furnishings made of natural wood, textileand ceramics!

4.Yellow. He instantly provides "life-giving effect." This color is associated with the sun and the "hints" to the good mood. Creamy yellow color on the walls can create visual illusion a bright, sunny room, while the mustard yellow is ideal for accent walls, able to bring a bright touch to any interior!

No matter what color and shade of yellow you prefer, this color will have a warm and welcoming effect to your apartment!

5.Orange. A bit is a bit like beige, but it is more popular with the interior decor. Lighter shades of orange decided to use when painting walls, While the richer are used at the level of decorative accessories.

Colors derived from bright orange, such as terra-cotta and ocher reminiscent of something "autumn" spices and seasonings. And adding to the interior of your room white and green houseplants You've no doubt will achieve the best effect!

6.Red. Very powerful, strong and rich color that will not go unnoticed in your interior. If you just want to draw attention to some of the decorative elements, use it in a small amount, but if you really want to WOW-effect, try it on the walls!

It is best to use it in the dining room! Since it awakens the senses and stimulates the appetite!

7.White. It is not strange - it is one of the most difficult colors. There are cold, warm, neutral!!! The best option is to buy a few samples and put them on the wall as the light (natural or artificial) in your room will play a decisive role in the choice of color. Lighting"Literally" change the perception of color.

For example, if you want to bring a warm atmosphere in your interior use white with a slight shade of beige. It will be the perfect backdrop for the bright and unusual decorative elements.

8.Green. The color of nature itself! Did you notice his ubiquity this year? Indoor plants, green chairs... .. very popular, it can be found in the interior and walls with dark green accents! Green color It is the most relaxing color of all.

The true color of prosperity, which undoubtedly will bring a touch of "life", a sense of comfort and relaxation to your home!

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