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6 creative solutions to optimize the space in a small bathroom

Good afternoon dear friends!

Today I would like to talk about small bathrooms, Namely the space optimization. Ergonomics, and style, of course! Why?

It's simple! At first, he grew up, and later a long time and lived in an apartment where the bathroom was no more than 4 sq.m. (by the way, WC was combined), And secondly - an amazing response and people's reaction to my articles "about small bathrooms!"

So, how to achieve maximum results from such a small area? The answer lies on the surface: architectural elements, the most effective use of the surface (walls and corners), multifunctional furniture items, compact sanitary devices and... Well, today I picked up 6 design solutions that will help you maximize the use of a miniature and intimate space.

In addition to the functional part, in any case should not be neglected and the decor! As Your bathroom should be not only functional, but also comfortable, stylish and comfortable. Not to mention the fact that some of the decorative elements can visually enlarge the area of ​​real small bathroom.

Delicate nuance! For aesthetic reasons, and to create a more private atmosphere - Avoid placing the bowl in front of the door!

1.without distinction. Try to combine the shower and sink for maximum space savings. And through the use of small tiles on the floor and on the walls you can achieve a sense of continuity in a small space.

This bright bathroom It combines both aesthetics and ergonomics!

2.Built-in storage system. When repairing your small bathroom to think in advance about the hidden storage systems, or built-in furniture. Storage may be made from both moisture resistant MDF wall panels, and of a moisture resistant plasterboard tiles pasted over later. Two in one - aesthetically and functionally.

The original solution that occupies little space, while adding warmth to the whole interior small bathroom. Tree in the bathroom - always a plus comfort!

3.Shelves-to-ceiling. It is well known that we all have a lot of small things, objects and accessories, that accumulate over the years. Therefore, use the space above the doorway to attach beautiful chrome shelves Bathroom accessories, not forgetting about the hooks for robes and towels.

Looks stylish and practical!

4.corner shelf. In a small bathroom every corner of the room is a real space saving and therefore, do not forget about them by placing stylish and functional shelves.

Next to the mirror and the sink? You can store the soap, cosmetics and other decorative accessories.

5.The hinged mirror cabinet with surprise. It's no secret that mirror enlarges area of ​​the room! So why not optimize the space at the expense of it?

Mirror cabinet with side drawers is the perfect solution for any small bathroom.

6.Minimalist and functional. When equipping a small bathroom the most important thing - to prioritize and focus on the main thing. First - functionality! So - shelves, built-in niche above the toilet; narrow but long sink, installed on top of the cabinets minimalist; glass partition and bright color palette.

A perfect example of how even the most tiny bathroom It can be functional.

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