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6 mistakes that should be avoided in the repair and regeneration of your small bathroom.

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Although bathroom - one of the smallest rooms in the house, in spite of this, errors when it allowed many repair and renovation, as a purely technical and aesthetic!

And why? Because the majority of people in the pursuit of decor, allocate significant resources to design space design, exquisite tile, trendy sanitary appliances.. trying to save while at work, which is hidden from the eyes - utilities (water, ventilation, drainage and light). In all of this, and aesthetics style small space, Itself has not been canceled. Since, bathroom should be not only functional but also comfortable! You just need to set priorities. Today I picked up the next 6 common mistakes that should be avoided by creating a practical and comfortable en-suite rooms, which will delight you every day.

Just remember one thing - replace cabinets, sink, yes, even the bathroom - it's one thing, but to alter the water supply system, ventilation or light - that's another story!

1. Hidden water system

. When you are renovating your bathroom, then choose beautiful tile, Designer sink may shower... But never stop to think about the worst: the possibility of leakage. All you need - a strict control on the stage of the works and sanitary hatch to be able to rectify the situation.

And if suddenly you took such trouble, you do not have to break down the walls and floor to eliminate leakage.

2.Neglect ventilated and heated towel rail. A common mistake is the lack of an exhaust fan. As a result - moisture distribution mold, reducing the durability of paints, rust... Everything you need to - wall or ceiling exhaust fan to circulate air.

Towel also plays a not unimportant role as purely functional (heating radiator) and aesthetic (decorative object).

3. Lack of sufficient lighting. To bring the heat and remove the feeling of small space of your bathroomSet a few points of light (or too white or too yellow) - on the ceiling and on the wall. For example, in the shower Recessed luminaire suitable for wet rooms, as well as directly attached to the mirroror around it (casual mike-up, shaving).

LEDs are the best solution because of their white light will give you lightingResembling daylight. And do not use such power LEDs, as they will create a favorable and relaxing atmosphere (just 60 watts) for ambient lighting.

4.Optimization and visual effect. IN small bathroom every centimeter counts! Therefore, the repair to create a sense of greater space is better to use large tiles. It is also advisable to install a shower (with tray 70 cm) than the bathroom and choose the sink - 60 cm. 21 cm. in depth, in order to save space.

When equipping the bathroom should not be used storage system and a toilet, installed directly on the floor to create a spatial impression visually expand the floor area.

5.surplus white. This error can create a "hospital" atmosphere. It is best to use the bathroom in a small pastel and warm colors (yellow, orange), which make up the lack of light or a feeling of tightness. For example, to visually increase the ceiling height, you can use the color bar (graphic pattern, vibrant tile) placing it vertically in the middle of the wall to emphasize a sense of height.

For a more vivid contrast in a very bright, but small bathroom, you can try to keep in view the technical elements (pipes - water supply, sewerage) previously having painted them in bright colors.

6.Overloading a small space. Do not put forward the beauty of functionality! The idea is to be reasonable and to adapt to your needs small space, Keeping only the main - sanitary appliances, mirrored wardrobe, a small piece of furniture bolted to the wall and the hooks on the door.

For example, the storage system is best to use, which will combine the two types - closed (bath accessories) and outdoor (decorative elements).

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