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The scrub the adhesive from the glass tinting

To scrub the glue from toning, you need to work hard. It lends itself not everyone cleanser. It is essential to scrub adhesive residue immediately after the film removal. Otherwise, it increases the risk of breakage of windows. The glass will quickly adhere to dust and insects.

Especially the removal of the adhesive after tinting

Clay refers to adhesives. This word is referred to substances capable bond materials by surface adhesion. Their adhesive ability to directly depend on the composition. The adhesive has high tinting of ratchet properties. If you shoot the film properly, on the glass surface will remain. But this can not everyone. The need to remove the tinting may be due to the following reasons:

  • occurrence of bubbles;
  • private car owners desire;
  • violation of regulations;
  • wear or detachment of the film.

The adhesive can be rubbed away by tinting mechanically or by means of specialized cleaning agents. In the first case we are talking about scraping method. It is quite effective, but the long and risky. There is a chance of damage to the glass surface. Most often, to remove glue stains help various solvents. To get the desired effect, can be combined in multiple ways. The most effective cleaning solvent include:

  • soap solution;
  • converter Star Wax rust;
  • anticorrosive spray WD-40;
  • household glass cleaner.

The process of removing the adhesive from toning rather laborious. Therefore, the following issues need to be considered:

  • Building dryer for easy discharge of the film should be used with extreme caution;
  • special care must be taken when removing the tinting on the front and the rear window to avoid grazing obogrevochnoy grid;
  • It may be necessary to remove the door skin or panels;
  • all actions required to carry out slowly and smoothly.

Attention! The longer the toning was on the glass, the more difficult it will be to scrub the glue after removal.

As otteret adhesive after toning using improvised

The adhesive of tinting can be completely scrub at the stage of film removal. To do this, you must observe a certain sequence of actions. As an improvised device acts as a conventional hair dryer. Hot air supply promotes discharge tinting with adhesive backing. You need to hook it the end of a fingernail and gently pull downwards.

Another method involves the use of a scraper or blade. It requires patience and accuracy. After removal of stains from glue needed with the spray spread over the glass surface of the soap solution. You can also treat it with alcohol to get rid of the divorce.

As otteret adhesive by toning with a solvent

Quickly and seamlessly to scrub the adhesive from the glass to help various solvents. Before using them to cover all the surfaces in the passenger compartment protective oil cloth. Desirable to perform work in a respirator. It is strictly forbidden to make the process of purification in the car with the windows closed. The most effective solution to remove the adhesive from tinting include:

  • kerosene;
  • alcohol;
  • White Spirit;
  • petrol;
  • Tsitosol;
  • ammonia;
  • acetone.

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Before using gasoline or kerosene it must be made less concentrated solution. The procedure of purification is carried using a cotton cloth. Kerosene is applied to it, and then distributed over the glass surface. Similarly, the adhesive residue is removed by tinting other solvents. The main disadvantage is the long-term preservation of gasoline smell in the car.

The alcohol is considered more suitable for cleaning one surface of the glass. It has no harmful effect on him, does not leave stains and odors. But the money is more expensive alcohol other available solvents.

Ammonia copes with the task without disrupting the surface of the glass. But he was able to eat away at the paint and varnish. Therefore, prior to use, all surfaces to be protected via polyethylene. It is equally important to use gloves during the procedure.

White spirit is often used to scrub the paint or varnish. But it is no less effectively cope with glue residues. Compared to acetone, it is less harmless. But this White spirit qualitatively removes even the most resistant glue. Actively to rub the problem areas with a cloth soaked in it.

Scrub the glue remaining after removing the tinting also helps biorastvoritel Tsitosol. Its main advantage is the absence of toxicity. Cleaner should be applied to the problem area, for half an hour. It was then removed with a dry cloth or towel. The only drawback Tsitosola is that it is rarely found in specialized shops.

As otteret tinting glue from the glass rust converter Star Wax

Star Wax tool can be purchased at any hardware or hardware store. It comes in a bottle fitted with a spray gun. Before use, the vial should be shaken. With the help of a spray means is sprayed onto the desired area and leave for 20 minutes. After the specified time eliminate traces of glue, damp cloth. The cost of funds is about $ 100.

How to scrub the adhesive after toning soap solution

Soap solution - the available tool to help scrub traces of adhesive on the glass. The small container is poured into warm water. With soap therein whipped rich foam. It is also recommended to add liquid ammonia. It contributes to the elimination of streaks on the glass. Disadvantages of the method include low efficiency. He copes with only small areas of glue remaining on toning. In some cases, there is a need of mechanical action.

Comment! Instead of soap, you can use the tool for cleaning the glass or gel for washing dishes.

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