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How useful whole-wheat flour

The diet of most people's bread occupies the first position, because its quality should be given special attention. Nutritionists in one voice say that the properties of bread from whole wheat flour clearly beneficial to the body and it can even have people sitting on a diet. It contains a large number of amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Let us consider what the benefits and harms of whole wheat flour, like baking bread at home, and to whom such pastry is contraindicated.

How to get wholegrain flour

Wholemeal or wholegrain flour produced from untreated grains, which are ground together with the shell flower and grain germ, then not sieved. That is, all components of the grain are in the food and, despite some roughness of the resulting product, it is called wholemeal flour or a single meal, and feel incredibly useful product.

Use of the product depends on the very grain milling technology.

There are two ways of grinding:

  • With the use of the iron roll coater. Flour, out-of-roll coater, retains only 40% of nutrients. This method destroys the membranes and the embryo at the molecular level, because not only reduces the useful properties of whole-grain flour, but also its quality.
  • Using millstones. Flour from under the millstones that best preserves its properties, since this method does not destroy the structure of wheat. This production method keeps the product five times more fiber twice minerals and 1.5 times - vitamins, as compared with the first method.

Interesting! According to the traditions of England and Ireland, it is believed that the grind wheat grains to flour millstones transmits a special energy that is able to protect a house from evil spirits.

Types of whole-wheat flour

Wheat wholegrain flour is divided into two types, depending on the percentage content of the fruit shell and corn germ:

  • wallpaper - it contains up to 96% of the original feedstock. At its manufacturing partially screened casing and the embryo, it is necessary to align the size fractions;
  • wholegrain - it contains 100% of the original feedstock. Since it is not screened, it has a non-uniform-sized particles.

Wholemeal flour has better baking properties is due to the homogeneity of the fractions, because it is in high demand. The use of whole wheat flour is higher but its baking properties are slightly different, and this should be considered when baking bread.

Chemical composition and caloric content of whole wheat flour

Compared with the high-quality flour, whole has a rich chemical composition, it is because its benefits estimated above. The structure includes elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, copper, zinc, iron and vitamins - P, PP, E, H, A, B vitamins and beta carotene.

Wholemeal flour is relatively high nutritional value: 100 g of product contains 312 kcal. In percentage terms, it looks like this:

  • Protein - 14%;
  • Fats - 6%;
  • carbohydrates - 78%.

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Furthermore, a lot of plant fiber and pectin, improving metabolism. Because, in spite of its caloric content, the harm this causes no health flour.

Useful properties of whole wheat flour

Useful properties due wholemeal wheat milling process, which preserves all the biologically active substances. Because regular consumption of whole grain products from completely fills the supply of minerals and vitamins body and also eliminates the many diseases (obesity, diabetes, intestinal disorders, atherosclerosis, et al.).

What is the use of whole-wheat wholemeal to human health:

  • fiber promotes the excretion of heavy metals and poisonous substances and radioactive compounds, and improves bowel motility;
  • lowers blood sugar, because the product is considered beneficial for people with diabetes;
  • properties of minerals, incoming shell and germ of wheat, have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • It improves memory and vision, a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • It is the prevention of the occurrence of cancer.

Scientists have found that the properties of wholemeal positive effect on the production of endorphins (happiness hormone), because the product will be useful for people with a variety of neurological disorders.

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