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Soap: properties, the composition of the recipe, the use of

Benefits and harms of soap - a question that interests many women as a means finds application both in everyday life and in the home of cosmetology and medicine. To understand when to use soap, you must familiarize yourself with all its features.

Types of soap

A unique feature of soap is the fact that for over 200 years, it retains a constant composition. But at the same ratio of the components in the medium may vary, so the stores there are different kinds of soaps. Namely:

  • means a 72% fat - a classic soap produced in accordance with the GOST;
  • soap with 70% fat;
  • soap with 65% fat.

The less subjected to cleaning soap, the darker the color, hue is unclear can vary from yellow to dark brown.

Soap may vary not only fatty acid ratio.

Attention! There are different forms of useful tools - soap is sold not only in the bars, but also in a liquid form, a powder or in the form of an ointment.

The chemical composition of soap

Useful product consists exclusively of natural ingredients. The structure includes:

  • natural fats - beef, fish, lamb or pork fat, past pre-bleaching procedure and deodorize;
  • sodium;
  • palmitic and lauric acid soaps by which gives copious lather;
  • alkali;
  • White clay;
  • water.

Sometimes in the useful product may also include rosin, it does not harm, but increases the time soap shelf.

The useful laundry soap

Currently soap looks unattractive and may make not too pleasant smell. But it has a mass of useful properties, namely:

  • disinfects inflammation, sores, cuts and insect bites and animals;
  • effectively treats ulcers and fungus;
  • promotes rapid healing of burns;
  • It helps with colds and chronic sinusitis;
  • reduces swelling of feet and eases the symptoms of varicose veins;
  • It has beneficial effects on the state of locks and helps get rid of dandruff;
  • widely used in gynecology for the treatment of thrush, and some inflammatory diseases.

It is necessary to mention the benefits of soap for the face. For oily tipe epidermis and a tendency to acne hygienic means often work better than expensive lotions and tonics.

The use of soap in folk medicine

The antibacterial properties of soap are widely used in home medical prescription. By using natural means you can cope with a wide variety of diseases or to facilitate their flow.

sinusitis treatment

When sinusitis greater are the benefits of home agent prepared using alkali brown soap and other ingredients. Make it so:

  • Useful soaps, milk, natural honey and alcohol are mixed in equal amounts;
  • was added to a mixture of pulverized in a blender onions in the same proportion;
  • They give a water bath for 20 minutes and heated, while stirring constantly.

Then treating agent allowed to cool to warm temperature, dipped in the resultant solution a small cotton swabs and insert them briefly in both nostrils. Conduct a useful procedure should be three times a day, and all treatment should take no more than 3 weeks, while too long use of soap can harm.

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