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How to wash the blood off white

To wash the blood from his white clothes - the problem is one of the most challenging. And the question of how to remove such contamination, be relevant at all times, and knowing the answer to it will allow in the right situation quickly and correctly to react and save your favorite thing from imminent damage.

Features removing blood stains from white fabric 

Blood is quite difficult to wash off, especially when it comes to white fabric. The reason for this is that the red blood cells (which are responsible for its color) contain hemoglobin in its composition and in its structure, in turn, enabled the iron. It is absorbed into the clothes and leaves her badly washes traces of rust-colored.

Important! Blood should always wash out in cold water. The blood plasma contains many proteins which tends to curl up in warm water (at a temperature of 42 degrees or higher). Thus, if the white product washed with hot temperatures, it is possible to achieve the opposite result: blood curdle and stain only further consolidate the fibers in the fabric.

When otstiryvaniya blood with white linen should remember a few basic rules and features:

  • After the detection of traces of blood on the product of white fabric is important as soon as possible to their removal, since you start this process faster, the higher the probability to cope with pollution and save the white thing in the original form;
  • Before using any of the methods that will be used in order to remove blood stains on Perhaps we should test it on a small inconspicuous area and white fabric on the reverse side products;
  • Start otstiryvaniya traces need softer, gentle ingredients. Use aggressive techniques is only in the event that the previous versions did not work;
  • Apply the material to remove traces expedient exclusively to pollution, trying to itself, while not affect the area around;
  • When using a specialized chemical stain removers is important to comply strictly with the time Impact on the track and not to exceed the time interval specified in the instructions for use of stain remover. Otherwise, the chemical formulation corrode clothing, and in place of its interaction with the hole formed material;
  • Zastiryvanie should be carried out in soft water (boiled or bottled), because hard tap water adversely It affects the interaction process with the cleaning agent contaminated portion of the white clothes and to decrease the effect of its work;
  • It is not necessary to make white clothes drying in the sun, t. To. In case the track was not eliminated, then under the influence of solar heat pollution further penetrate into the fibers of the fabric.

How to wash fresh blood with white spots 

The easiest way to deal with traces of blood, for example, to wash the blood from the white shirts, while the trail has not yet had time to fully absorb into the fabric fibers and dry. Therefore, upon detection of blood traces on the material should begin immediately to their removal.

The algorithm in this case is as follows:

  • for white clothing contaminated area to be put from above the material, which absorbs excess liquid (paper, cloth piece);
  • zastiryvanie blood imprint should be done in cold water: usually for fresh spots of this is enough to completely wash off them.

After otstiryvaniya pollution from white clothes further purification of the product can be extended both by hand washing and using the machine.

Important! In order to avoid increasing the size of the blood print on white fabric should not be wet or rub the soiled place, otherwise, it will be harder to wash off the thing.

Fresh blood to wash traces of white clothing, following these simple guidelines, it is possible without any difficulty.

How to wash the blood from his white hand-washing 

Not necessary to resort to the use of a washing machine to wash off blood contamination, for example, to wash the blood off his white shirt. The process of hand washing will monitor the removal of the track and will help keep the thing in its pristine state.

The basic rules that must be observed during injection of blood contamination in white garments:

  • Any need to wet the blood absorbing material (e.g., paper napkins, toilet paper), which will take the excess liquid;
Contaminated tissue portion to be placed under a stream of cold water. It should be borne in mind that the greater the water pressure, the easier it will wash out clothes, and the less time it will take;
Contaminated tissue portion to be placed under a stream of cold water. It should be borne in mind that the greater the water pressure, the easier it will wash out clothes, and the less time it will take;
  • If after carrying out manipulations with the jet of water from the blood trail did not go, it is worth a good rub with soap and soak the clothes in cold water for at least 30 minutes. This procedure can be repeated several times, until complete elimination of contamination with tissue... Do not rub the material and to conduct the washing in a conventional manner, that is to lead only to increased pollution size;
  • After the disappearance of the track with a white cloth, as a rule, stains appear, which can be easily handle using economic or children's soap or a conventional detergent for manual or Machine washable;
  • After zastiryvaniya next thing you need to thoroughly rinse in cool water.

Important! If a trace of blood could not be removed from the white clothes, then in any case it is impossible to stroke and expose high temperatures, as this will make it impossible to continue the removal of pollution, and the thing will irredeemably spoiled.

How to withdraw blood from a white cloth using washing machine 

A situation may arise that the time for hand-washing method is not simply a trace of blood. In this case it is necessary to resort to using the washing machine. But still recommended to initially engage in breeding spots by hand to achieve a positive result. The sequence of operations in this case will be as follows:

  • Approximately 10 minutes before the start of the washing process is worth a spot of blood on the white clothes soap or special stain remover (if instructions for stain remover Set a period of time, it must be guided by regulations instructions). Prior to that pollution is not necessary to soak or rub. Leave all in the form of the cleaning composition to penetrate into the fibers of the fabric;
  • The process of washing in the washing machine is worth spending on mode involves working temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. extraction and drying mode it is recommended to turn off;
  • Rinse better things to spend manually under cool running water - in order to ensure full spots deriving any need to resort to other ways to help wash off contamination from white clothes.

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