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On what makes a copper bracelet, how to do it with his own hands

Copper is not considered a precious metal, but the decorations made out of it in ancient times. This is due to its attractive appearance and gloss, and low cost allows you to buy these products to people from different social strata. Does copper medicinal properties, and what are the benefits and harms of a copper bracelet: views on this matter are mixed.

The role of copper in the body

Over time, scientists have found that copper is an essential trace element in the human body. Its small amount can be detected in the liver, nervous tissue, brain, and human germ cells. It was this discovery was the reason for the mass production of copper bracelets for the hands. But whether or not they have healing properties? To use them for medicinal purposes, it should study in detail the benefits and harms of copper bracelets for the body.

Properties of copper, useful for humans, are as follows:

  • its compounds exert an active influence on the oxygenation of organs and blood in the body;
  • she takes part in the pigmentation of the eyes, hair and human skin;
  • copper bracelet, adjacent to the skin, stimulates white blood cells in the body;
  • this metal strengthens bone tissue;
  • Research has proven effective in reducing the number of free radicals;
  • the metal salts have antimicrobial and antifungal activity.

How does copper bracelet

Any copper products are not only visually appealing and original, but also the practicality and reliability. Bracelets made of metal are not only for decoration, but also as a healing item. Some users claim that this decoration has healing properties, especially through the cardiovascular system.

The advantages include low cost and a copper bracelet on the pressure and other diseases. After spending quite a bit, the user acquires a beautiful accessory with excellent useful properties.

Tip! Some models of bracelets can be made independently, using copper wire.

Types of copper bracelets

Copper bracelets, having useful properties can be found in many collections at home. Primarily, this is due to their originality. Most copper bracelets are handmade, so each gets a unique accessory. In the second, a large role is played by a modest price. In addition, copper bracelets perfectly with any style of clothing. They can be worn as a classic outfits and with jeans and T-shirts.

Another important detail is the health benefits. Copper is able to strengthen and clean the body, but also contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body and improves metabolism. According to its properties, this is a unique metal.

What are copper bracelets. Today can be found in the following sales:

  • a copper (not equipped with any coating);
  • patinated copper (having a coating "antique", which can be of any color - green, brown, blue, reddish);
  • copper coated with lacquer;
  • brass with stones;
  • alloy with copper in the composition (zinc alloys, aluminum, tin, copper).

Use of a bracelet made of copper

Unfortunately, even a proper diet does not contain sufficient amounts to maintain the health of copper. And if you eat mostly fast food and convenience products, this flaw will be very serious. The use of copper bracelets for health lies in the fact that when it is worn trace element enters the body, in contact with skin. Thus, one can compensate for lack of material.

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