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Breathing exercises Strelnikova: benefit and harm, video, reviews

Benefits and harms the respiratory Strelnikova matter of controversy for years. People who know about its properties, divided into two camps. Those who believe that by gymnastics Strelnikova only harm, and those who believe that from such breathing one use. But the main thing - to observe the recommendations, take into account contraindications.

History of the respiratory exercises Strelnikova

Breathing exercises invented by Alexander N. Strelnikov. Method recognized by the system in 1973. Alexandra Nikolaevna was a singer in the opera. After the loss of his mother improved voice system, which was intended for the treatment of asthma.

As a result, together they created the breathing exercises acting on the various functions of the human body. With gymnastics properties treat larger number of diseases, ailments. unlike the system to other breathing exercises because Aleksandra Nikolaevna has developed unique methods, without taking as a basis for any of the existing gyms. Therefore, it is called paradoxical properties, they are contrary to the generally accepted rules of breath, benefiting not damaging.

How useful breathing exercises Strelnikova

In the treatment without drugs, using the beneficial properties of the respiratory system Strelnikovoj get rid of problems in different areas.

  • Neuroses of various origins.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Problems of the gastro-intestinal tract, obesity.
  • Stuttering, including those not caused by nerve disorders.
  • Vascular dystonia.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Sexual disorders.
  • It helps to quit smoking.

Breathing Strelnikova cure for female infertility, but the problem may be unsolvable. If gymnastics properties are not benefiting from this disease, they benefit mentality. Harm in this case will not.

Important! To fight the disease in severe, acute form begins with medications relieve the condition. Then it is recommended to switch to the gymnastics Strelnikova.

Indications procedure

The use of respiratory exercises Strelnikova - the impact of its properties on the body, curing the disease, poorly amenable to medical treatment. Alexandra Nikolaevna methodology prescribed in case of problems:

  • bronchus, lung, upper respiratory tract infections (pneumonia, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis media, and the like);
  • the cardiovascular system (angina, rheumatism, headache, anemia, leukemia, etc.);
  • gastrointestinal (hemorrhoids, peptic ulcer, gastritis, constipation, and the like);
  • musculoskeletal system (hernia, sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis, etc.);
  • skin (psoriasis, diathesis, eczema and others);
  • the nervous system, including alcoholism, substance abuse and smoking;
  • endocrine system (diabetes, obesity, breast, etc.);
  • liver and kidney, including hepatitis, cirrhosis, and polycystic kidney disease.

When problems with the voice, speech, including stuttering, vocal nodules or aphonia also recommended exercises Strelnikova.

Important! When the goal is - to get the maximum benefit, you should find specialists in Strelnikovoj gymnast in the city, sign up for lessons with a professional.

Properties of the respiratory system Strelnikovoj effective cleaning vessels. People with circulatory problems is a real find, gymnastics Strelnikova helps avoid surgery. Harm in this case - from wrong doing.

Principles of exercise

From the gym will be the effect when Strelnikova breathing exercises performed under the general rules.

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