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Persimmon: useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of persimmon are relative and depend on who, what and how much to consume it in food. As with any natural food product, it has its pluses and minuses, and the only question is, what is more in each case.

The chemical composition of persimmon

BZHU ratio in the composition of persimmon unevenly - this is a product that contains a large amount of carbohydrates. In addition, the persimmon has a high nutritional value (contained approximately 120 kcal per one fruit).

In general, 100 grams of the product has to:

  • 33 grams carbohydrates;
  • 0.8 grams protein;
  • 0.4 grams of fat;
  • 64 grams of water.

From the product contains vitamins in vitamin C and various kinds of vitamin B, and alpha-carotene (260 mg) and beta-carotene (1200 mg) and the provitamin A, and furthermore the persimmon is rich in mineral substances. Most of this fruit in the following macro-and micronutrients:

  • potassium - 200 mg;
  • calcium - 127 mg;
  • copper - 110 mg;
  • iodine - 60 mg;
  • magnesium - 56 mg;
  • phosphorus - 26 mg;
  • Sodium - 15 mg;
  • iron - 2.5 mg.

Also part of the fruit include cellulose, pectin, glucose and fructose.

Nutritional value and caloric content of persimmon

Calorie persimmon 100 grams depends on whether it is fresh or somehow processed.

Thus, 100 grams of fresh fruit contains 65-70 kcal (approximately 270 kJ), and dried in dried form significantly more calories.

Caloric dried persimmon almost three and a half times higher than that of fresh, and 270 kcal per 100 grams, and the nutritional value of dried fruit slightly below - 230 kcal.

The persimmon is useful for the organism

The use of persimmon and harm to human health depends on the amount of foodstuff consumed and on its quality, as well as the general state of health of the person. However, the beneficial properties it has still significantly more due to high content of chemical elements.

Thanks to the vitamins contained in it, persimmon useful as prevention of beriberi, and as a means to maintain immunity. With it is possible to improve (or maintain at the same level) vision.

Due to the large amount of antioxidants in food consumption persimmon beneficial effect on the overall health of the body, it improves the condition of hair, nails and skin. Calcium, in turn, strengthens teeth and bones. Contained in fruits potassium strengthens and expands blood vessels, and thus contributes to the normalization of blood pressure. Useful fruit and gipotonikam. Thanks to the anti-stress effect can be used a persimmon for the night, of course, if you do not have excess weight.

There are good and from persimmon seed - they can make a drink resembling coffee (do that in Japan). To do this, the bones are roasted and ground. This drink can be used as a means of improving potency.

In addition, antioxidants and vitamins C and B can be used as cancer prevention.

Benefits for the body persimmon men

In addition to overall health, men are especially useful vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A affects the reproductive system and improves the reproductive function. Vitamin C strengthens the body, improves the immune system, which is useful to workers not only physical but also mental labor.

In addition, the persimmon has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, which is very important for men aged.

The health benefits of persimmon women

To the female body especially useful in anti-aging and rejuvenating properties of the fruit. Antioxidants slow down aging and improve health. It affects the fruit and the condition of the reproductive system, improve reproductive function and relieving the state during the first phase of the menstrual cycle. Well it affects and on the nervous system and the thyroid gland (due to its high iodine content), it is often important for women.

In addition, due to the fact that the persimmon is weaker and removes toxins from the body, it is sometimes used for weight loss (however, slimming benefits of this fruit is questionable).

And use it for cosmetic purposes - as part of facial masks.

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