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How useful Coca-Cola

Benefits and harms of Coca-Cola - this is a question of interest to lovers of sweet carbonated drink, which over a hundred years. His influence on the nervous system, the ability to cause positive emotions, no doubt, benefit. No wonder the producers kept secret recipe for the famous drink.

The chemical composition and calorific value of Coca-Cola

Designation of the beverage is determined by name and coca cola nut (tropical wood). The structure does not change over the years. It contains caffeine, potassium, sugar, calcium, phosphoric acid, flavoring agents, colorants. For aerating the carbon monoxide used, sodium, phosphorus. There are substances that are beneficial to the body, while others are harmful. Cola plant has a slight narcotic effect. We have from him long ago abandoned, but it has been preserved in the title. The energy of the beverage is small - only forty calories per hundred grams, but to use it, keeping to a diet, because of the large amount of sugar is not necessary.

Effect Coke on the body

Action Coca-Cola on the body:

  • A lot of sugar (two hundred grams of the drink contains more than ten pieces). This is significantly higher daily allowance, put a healthy person. A large number of Coca-Cola harm the liver and pancreas, as occurs abrupt release of insulin. This can lead to various cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus of second type.
  • Phosphoric acid beverage calcium leaches out of the body, the bones become fragile, it is likely osteoporosis. The acid destroys tooth enamel, adversely affecting the gastric mucosa. People with high acidity can develop an ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis.
  • Caffeine in large amounts in the Coca-Cola causes dehydration. Together with water from the body leaving the essential elements: zinc, magnesium and sodium.

Chemical sweeteners (aspartame) causes heart palpitations, headaches, depression, damage the heart muscle. Aspartic acid in the beverage causes persistent dependence on it. Since one of the components - the drug (the stake), the drink causes euphoria, addictive. Dependence is similar to other drugs.

Carbonated drinks are harmful to the stomach, can lead to diseases of the pancreas - pancreatitis, gastritis, duodenitis. Patients suffering from intestinal disorders, the use of Coca-Cola can cause pain, diarrhea.

Change blood clotting. People with poor clotting can not consume the drink.

Harmful to drink Coca-Cola children

Children from the age of three, it is possible to give a small amount of drink only in the following cases: in order to remove a small diarrhea. And if motion sickness, and to restore the body after exercise. There is no consensus on how useful whether to give Coca-Cola children there. But it is proved that in case of poisoning at the beginning of intoxication it helps.

Is it possible to Coca-Cola for pregnant and lactating

For what reasons Coca-Cola drink is prohibited in pregnancy:

  • Caffeine is not recommended during the childbearing.
  • Coloring chemicals can harm the mother to the fetus. Negative effects on the stomach of a pregnant worsen her condition. There is pain, belching, heartburn. The embryo is deprived of beneficial nutrients as the body mothers struggling with chemicals.

If Coca-Cola corrodes scale, rust, you can imagine what happens to the stomach lining.

Attention! Composition Coke is dangerous for newborn babies, since harmful chemicals can cause an allergic reaction.

Exposure to a chemical mixture of dyes, preservatives and substitutes, causing poisoning, impaired bowel function, suffers from not just a woman, her baby is suffering. This affects the normal development of the child's growth. In infants, there flatulence, bloating. Kids and so suffer increased flatulence, Coca-Cola only aggravates their condition. Due to the leaching of calcium from the body may have rickets, weakened bones, fractures appear.

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