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What is turmeric. Useful or harmful to the body, this spice

Turmeric - is a food seasoning that is made from the roots of plants belonging to the ginger family. The roots of this culture are ground into a powder, and it turns unmatched additive to dishes. The benefits of turmeric and harmful effects on the body tells active material.

It should be noted that the utility of turmeric is due to its vitamin and mineral composition:

  • Potassium is useful for arrhythmia, because is able to restore the heart rhythm, restoring the work of muscles.
  • Magnesium together with the potassium helps to relax muscles, preventing the occurrence of seizures.
  • Phosphorus is necessary for the preservation of bone density, which is the prevention of osteoporosis. I need this element and children, in the period of intensive growth, to form a strong skeleton.
  • Calcium, as well as phosphorus, contributes to building bone.
  • Iron improves hemoglobin levels, and prevents anemia.
  • Sodium creates the necessary pressure to move nutrients to the cells.

Also in turmeric contains very few elements:

  • manganese;
  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • selenium.

Turmeric is useful to use at least once a week, regardless of the form in which it acquired. This powder can be purchased or produced on their own grown from seed. The use of turmeric is useful to all, although there are certain contraindications.

The fact that the minerals are not the only useful substances in turmeric. Also, vitamin complex is present:

  • Choline benefits the liver, freeing it from excess fat and cholesterol. In turn, this helps to prevent the risk of atherosclerosis and vascular problems.
  • Vitamin C increases immunity and promotes body resistance to viruses and bacterial infections.
  • Vitamin E - natural antioxidant, by which cells are made resistant to invasion of free radicals and contribute to reducing the risk of formation of oncology.
  • Group B vitamins, is involved in the development of red blood cells, which is useful for patients with anemia. Another ability of vitamins - protect eyes from harmful UV rays.

The daily rate of consumption of all groups is 200 micrograms. Therefore, when using turmeric for medicinal purposes should be careful, but it is able to improve the overall health of those people who do not have contraindications. Turmeric works in different directions.

  • Liver. Turmeric has a choleretic effect, so that the body is actively cleansed of toxins. Curcumin stimulates the production of enzymes that produce the purifying and regenerating effect.
  • Weight Loss. Turmeric is able to accelerate the metabolism, absorb and excrete fat and cholesterol. Curcumin does not accumulate adipose tissue and forms a choline lecithin, which outputs the accumulated surplus. slimming effect is achieved very quickly, and use spices for weight loss in several ways. For example, dissolve in a glass of milk half teaspoon seasoning. It is possible to use yogurt, boiled water. During the diet, it is desirable not to overeat, and to actively engage in physical activity.
  • Leather. Turmeric is useful for the skin, because the rich in copper and is a natural antioxidant. With it improves the appearance of skin-aging.

Contraindication is separate intolerance of the product. If there are stones in the gallbladder or the ducts, the enhancement of bile flow may provoke their shift, and there will be an attack.

Pregnancy is also a contraindication to strict daily use seasonings. It can cause spontaneous abortion. Diabetics need to be careful when taking turmeric.

The rest of turmeric brings only benefits to the body.

And you use turmeric in your diet? What is the impact it has on your body?

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