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I no longer suffer with rotting wood, it does not even crack!

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Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. Various small buildings are made from it - garages, aviaries, country houses, baths, and even large houses. Yes, and small details such as fences, water well covers, benches, sheds are often also made of wood. But the material has a certain tendency to rot. Therefore, it must be processed. To protect the wood, silicate adhesives, resins, special solutions and varnishes are used, it is fired and boiled in saline solutions. At the same time, all the compositions are quite expensive, although the effect is not bad. But after a year or two, all this needs to be updated.

But recently I was advised one recipe that my friends in the Far East use. Mostly truckers. And it is for them that it is practically free. At first I did not believe it, but after trying it, I realized that this option could suit a very large number of people. After all, already used materials are used, which cost practically nothing. I would like to share this option with you.

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What will be required

Why did I mention truckers? Because we will need waste products - engine oil and diesel fuel. Where to get them? Google the Internet, look at the ads on Yulia or Avito, or just ask your friends. Many are ready to get rid of this material for the minimum price.

I no longer suffer with rotting wood, it does not even crack! - Proven and practically free way

How to use

For 8 parts solarium we take 1 part of machine oil. We mix everything well. And our wood impregnation is ready.

With a regular thick paint brush, we apply the composition to the surface of the wood. From experience I can say that such an impregnation goes deep by about 3-5 cm. And it really works.


As you understand, the used products themselves are very toxic. Therefore, we use this tool only for wooden buildings on the street. You don't have to take the risk indoors. Yes, and it makes no sense. After all, we need to protect the surface from direct exposure to precipitation and sunlight. And indoors it is not particularly required.

And the tree will also acquire a pleasant, natural, dark color. By the way, you can varnish it on top, and then processing will not be required for many years!

Well, if you need a light color, use fresh engine oil. The effect of preserving and not rotting will be the same, but it will cost a little more, but the color of the wood will be light.

By itself, wood is quite capricious, does not like strong moisture and direct sunlight. But with this method, it will retain its properties for a long time. No cracking, no rotting, no moisture leakage, not even insects will sit on your walls. Time tested!

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