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What is useful onion to the body

Benefits and harms of onions has attracted considerable interest since the product is often found in the culinary and medicinal recipes. To understand who can use a bow, and who better to give it up, you need to carefully read the properties.

What is onions

Onions - a biennial of the family of onion, which has a heavy bulb covered with a dry husk. As a rule, internal scales of onions have white and dry peel - yellow or golden. However, there are other species such as white and red onions.

The bulb diameter can reach about 15 cm. The flowering period of the upper part appear hollow green arrows, which are also used as food.

Chemical composition and caloric content of onions

Benefits and harms of onions for health are very diverse, and they are determined by the composition of the product. It contains:

  • vitamin A and vitamin C;
  • Vitamins B1, B2 and B9;
  • Vitamins PP and E;
  • saccharides;
  • a minor amount of organic acids and cellulose;
  • potassium, iron, manganese and zinc;
  • ash;
  • iodine, cobalt, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium;
  • sodium, copper and fluorine.

Calorie content in fresh onions very low - only 41 kcal per 100 g In this case, use the onions slowly, making it perfectly safe for the figure product.

Useful properties of onion

The product has a considerable number of health benefits. If you add it to the food in small portions, but regularly, onion:

  • will have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and help to cope with the bacteria, viruses and fungi;
  • will benefit in case of intestinal parasites, and allows you to quickly get rid of them with improvised methods;
  • It will facilitate removal from the body and toxins, excess fluids;
  • benefit in vascular and cardiac ailments, equalize pressure and restore the dream;
  • It regulates cholesterol levels and relieve of anemia and anemia;
  • It will help to quickly deal with skin injuries and irritations;
  • will benefit the liver and the kidneys, stomach and urinary tract;
  • protects joints from harmful deposits of salts and prevent gout.

Widely known immunomodulatory properties of the product - use it very useful in the season of colds.

For men

Advantage of onions for the man's body is that the product has a positive effect on the reproductive system. When used onions improved potency and increased quality of genetic material. In addition, the product provides effective help with prostate adenoma - relieves inflammation and reduces pain.

The beneficial effects of the product on the blood vessels helps to prolong the life of men, as it protects against the development of heart attacks and strokes.

For women

onion benefit to women is expressed in the fact that the vegetable helps maintain healthy hormonal balance - in the product contains a lot of vitamin B9. The product reduces the natural discomfort during menstruation, increases libido, and prevents the development of the reproductive system.

Benefits onion and feminine beauty. He has a good effect on the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin, is able to eliminate the problem of brittle hair and brittle nails.

Can I onions pregnant and lactating

For women during childbearing onions is very valuable - it contains a lot of folic acid B9, essential for the fetus. Expectant mothers without any harm can consume up to a whole small onions in the day, of course, in conjunction with other products, and not just. Apart from the fact that the product will benefit the fetus, it will protect a woman from colds and helps cope with any of inflammation.

But in the lactation period with a useful product should be handled carefully, can harm him. Apart from the fact that the infant may reveal an allergy to the product properties of the bow is also slightly change the taste of mother's milk. Sometimes this leads to the abandonment of a child feeding. Therefore, re-enter the product in the diet should be gradually and in small portions, so as not to harm the health grudnichka.

Do onion is good for children

Useful properties of the product are the same for adults and children. The diet of the child product benefit - strengthen immune resistance and improve digestion, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby.

But at the same time for the first time offer the child the bow are permitted only after 3 years. In an earlier age the product would cause more harm it can burn the sensitive mucous baby or cause allergies. Introducing useful product in the diet is necessary only in processed form - after boiling and grinding.

Attention! Because under certain conditions the onions can cause serious harm to the child, you should consult with your pediatrician before giving your child products.

Onion for weight loss

Raw onion is beneficial in diets - product effectively helps fight excess fat. There are several reasons - onions cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and toxins, accelerates the metabolism and absorption processes in the blood nutrients.

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As the product is quite sharp, while losing weight can not only eat them alone. But many of the diet is recommended to add a little onion in salads, soups and main dishes to enhance the benefit.

The use of onion in folk medicine

Favor fresh onions actively using domestic medicinal recipes. The product is able to help with many unpleasant symptoms, and its effectiveness is recognized even by official medicine.

the common cold

The use of the bow with a cold most widely known. In particular, the product is great help to get rid of the common cold and stuffy nose - Bow-turnip used for inhalation.

Small onion ground on a grater, to reveal all the flavor of the product and its beneficial properties. The slurry was then poured into a container with a lid and put in a water bath, and removed after 15 minutes and breathe onion rising steam.

Important! When inhaled mineral onion can not make dramatic and rapid breaths - it will cause harm. Breathing should be measured, a slow and careful, then properties of onion steam have a positive impact and will not cause burns.

From colds and coughs

Useful properties of the product helps to cure cough and take the temperature of a cold. It is best to help packs - must be finely grate 1 raw onion and then put gruel on a gauze bandage and secure in the throat area.

Leave the compress can be on all night, and the morning will see the effect - a sore throat and coughing will weaken.


From bronchitis and cough is most useful decoction of onion with the addition of a mother and stepmother. Medicinal herbs need to pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour, then stir in the infusion paste of 1 onion, then drain means. Drink a decoction three times a day you need to - all by a large spoon, so as not to cause yourself harm.

with hypertension

Properties onions help to cope with chronic high blood pressure. For the treatment means may be used 2:

  • honey onion mixture - a large onion finely rubbed, the slurry is mixed with an equal quantity of honey and insist 3 days, and then take on a large spoon three times a day;
  • infusion - half of fresh onions pour hot water in the amount of half a glass, and allowed to stand overnight and the morning drink on an empty stomach means.

Onions quickly help during hypertension attacks, and if you eat a useful means for a couple of weeks, you can equalize the pressure on a regular basis.

When congestion ears

With a cold and mild cases of otitis externa remove congestion and inflammation of the ear to help benefit and harm of onion juice. Decided to use a tool:

  • small onion finely rub and squeeze through cheesecloth fresh juice;
  • mixed with an equal amount of boiling water and then warmed slightly - not more than 37 ° C;
  • instill 3-4 drops of solution in each ear four times a day.

Continue to benefit from treatment takes about a week. Pre recommended to allergy test - drip a little onion juice on your wrist and see if irritation occurs.

Attention! For burrowing in the ears may be used only diluted juice as concentrated agent will burn the skin and mucous membranes and cause harm.

When sprains

Onions effectively helps restore health when damaged ligaments after a hard exercise. Liver or fresh onion need to rub and mix with sugar at a ratio of 10 to 1 and applied to a gauze bandage.

Compress fixed directly to the damaged ligament and left for 6 hours and then alter the bandage.

by worms

Antibacterial and cleansing properties of the product well help to get rid of parasites. can be prepared the following means for the treatment of:

  • chop the onion medium size;
  • fill it with 2 cups boiling water and leave the lid on for 6-8 hours;
  • Prepare infusion take half a cup three times a day on an empty stomach.

Good effect brings onion infusion of alcohol-based. To prepare the onion mush must be filled not with water, vodka and infuse for 10 days. Taking the drug over a large spoon before eating.

In both cases, treatment should be continued for 1-2 weeks, during which time the worms out of the body.

Can I have a bow in diabetes

Since onions aligns the level of sugar in diabetes it is highly recommended to use. Particularly useful properties will be baked onion - a product retains all its benefits, but it has a mild flavor and texture.

Regular use of the product helps to maintain good health, vegetable prevents the development of complications. Valued benefits of onions for the liver of diabetics - product helps the body cope with the withdrawal of toxins.

Whether onions resolved with pancreatitis

onion benefit for the stomach and the pancreas is undeniable, however, during acute pancreatitis have to give up on the product. In the period of acute inflammation of the crude product will cause only harm, as will have an irritating effect on the diseased organ.

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But during remission eat onions as possible, preferably boiled or baked form. The product is added to a vegetable stew or mashed potatoes, salads and side dishes - the softened vegetables does not irritate the pancreas, but helps to prevent new inflammation.

In what form onions helpful

The greatest benefit for the body surely brings raw onions, it fully retains all the valuable nutrients and vitamins. But the benefits and harms to health fried onions, despite the pleasant taste of the product, balanced worse - after roasting the vegetable becomes far more calories and lose some useful properties.

Benefits braised onions and boiled vegetables - after the treatment it becomes softer and tastier. But some of the vitamins and disappears from it. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications preference is to give the crude product is composed of salads, soups and main dishes.

The use of onion in cosmetology

Properties onions women use at home beauty recipes. Many have heard about the benefits of the bow hair, as part of masks product has a positive effect on the skin.

Onions hair bow

properties of the product have a complex beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. The use of onion juice for hair is that this tool effectively strengthens hair, adds shine and silky softness, stop loss. Use the juice is very simple - it is mixed with water in equal quantities and rinse strands during washing.

  • Onion peel gets rid of dandruff - 50 g of dry flakes need to brew a liter of boiling water, as long as the means to cool and rinse with clean hair. A few skin health procedures of the head improves and becomes less dandruff.
  • Hair loss helps simple mask - onion mush in the number of large spoon to mix with egg yolk, a large spoon burdock oil and a teaspoon of honey. The mask is applied to the hair and kept under wrap and a towel for 40 minutes and then wash off with a natural shampoo.

Apply onion tools you need at least twice a week, then their effect will be fast.

Masks with onions face

Advantage of onions for the skin is expressed in the fact that it clears the skin from acne and inflammation, smooths wrinkles and folds, removes freckles and age spots.

To lighten the skin is common to use such a mask:

  • large spoonful of onion pulp mixed with an equal amount of horseradish;
  • was added to the mixture of sour cream greater;
  • 5 minutes spread over the face mask in the morning and evening.

When using a mask is necessary to make sure that the mixture does not fall into the eye. Not recommended perederzhivat means, or onions and horseradish too will dry your skin and will cause harm. When used regularly, the mask will help eliminate freckles, dark spots, and generally make the skin lighter.

Damage to onions and contraindications

For all its useful properties of the product remains quite sharp and pungent. It can not be eaten in large quantities, especially in its raw form - this will harm, as the esophagus and the stomach will get burned.

Contraindications for onions are:

  • chronic gall bladder disease and liver;
  • severe renal diseases;
  • peptic ulcer and gastritis, especially with high acidity;
  • bronchial asthma.

Be wary fresh product should be consumed in hypertension - despite the fact that it is used in medical prescriptions, in its raw form it can provoke pressure jump.

How to choose and store onions

Buy a quality product in a store or on the market is quite simple. You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • hardness - if palpated soft vegetable plots, buying it is not necessary, the product has already begun to rot;
  • hull painting - for yellow onions sign of high quality is considered to be a golden color scales;
  • no spots - black spots and other damage to speak of diseases and pests;
  • the absence of germs - quality onions should not let the green arrows.

Better taste have a medium-sized follicles - the longbow is not worth buying, because it is too watery and unpleasantly sweet. High use have red varieties of onions - they are characterized by a sweet taste, besides the content of useful substances in red onions increased.

With regard to the storage of onions, it is best to keep it at room temperature with good ventilation - suspended on a wall or retracted in a dry box.

Tip! In a refrigerator to store the product should not be - it will quickly lose its properties. However, the refrigerator can be put already cut onion previously cut treating salt.

Under the conditions of storage onions can safely lie in the apartment for a year - until the next harvest.


Benefits and harms of onions depends on the condition of the body and on the dosage. If no chronic stomach and intestinal diseases, the consumption of vegetables in small amounts will bring undoubted benefits to health.

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