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How to remove the smell of burning in the apartment

Regardless of the causes, the smell of burning - a rather troublesome problem, which is not so easy to remove. The acrid smell of smoke very quickly absorbed into the propagation of cladding furniture, wallpaper, curtains and other things. Foresee a situation where fire may occur, or will burn the food in the oven, it is simply impossible, so you should stock up on all the useful knowledge to the apartment to get rid of the smell of burning.

Features removing burning smell in the apartment

Withdrawal and unpleasant acrid smell of burning in the apartment may be slightly different depending on what became his cause. For example, it is much easier to eliminate such a problem after eating burning than to get rid of after the fire burning.

The basic rule is precisely the elimination of the causes of odors, which may be several:

  • short-circuit wiring, circuit breakers and other electrical appliances;
  • burning of food;
  • fire or small fire.

Important! The room should be cleaned from the suffocating odor immediately after its occurrence.

After removing the cause necessarily perform ventilation of the room, as air circulation allows for a short time to get rid of any odors.

Also carrying out a wet cleaning is required, and in case of fire should get rid of the charred and burnt things, including furniture and decoration.

After the mandatory procedures and the data can proceed to other methods of elimination of burning in the apartment. For these purposes, there are many folk and chemicals.

How to ventilate the apartment from burning smell

The simplest thing that you can apply from a small smoke - this room ventilation.

When you stick pan or dish in the oven to remove the smell of burning in the kitchen, you can turn on by drawing on maximum power. If, however, the room was the accumulation of smoke, then a stretch can not do here, you need to adopt a more serious actions such as:

  • Arrange a draft, it is necessary to open all the windows and doors in the room.
  • Eliminate the cause of the burning. Since scorched cookware continues to exude an unpleasant smell, it should be folded in a plastic bag. Those things and the dishes that are no longer subject to recovery, you should immediately bring in the garbage on the street.
  • It is necessary to artificially enhance the circulation of air by mechanical action (in the direction of swinging Open a window or door with a wet towel) quickly erode the smell of burning from the apartment to help fan.

Attention! In addition to airing, well it helps to eliminate the smell of burning air humidification.

How to display a burning smell from the flat folk ways

Kill the smell of burning in the apartment, you can use the people's money, which, although slow, but pretty good cope with their task. There is only one negative point: such improvised methods of eliminating all the more suitable for less serious reasons, such as wiring circuit or burnt food.

How to get rid of the smell of smoke in the house and an apartment with the help of coffee

Coffee - it is quite strong natural remedy, which is great cope with such a problem as unpleasant odors, including soot. The ability of coffee to interrupt even the strongest odors has been using people. Often a can of coffee can be seen in a perfume shop, and for good reason, because it allows you to kill any flavor, making it easier to buyer.

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Of course, regular coffee brewed in a bank or in the cup may not be effective, but roasted - it can destroy even the most pungent flavor. Therefore, to get rid of the soot, it is necessary to periodically heat the grain pan or ground natural coffee. To enhance the effect, you can put the roasted coffee in a saucer or in a textile bag and leave in a form for a few days. The main thing, occasionally stirring it and change it.

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