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How useful bifidok, photo composition

Dairy appreciate both adults and children for the healthy qualities and good taste. Benefits and harms of Bifidok long been discussed by physicians and food industry workers, but today its natural and therapeutic properties are undeniable. He is increasingly replacing the familiar to us kefir and yogurt, and nutritionists point to its enormous benefits Bifidok for the intestinal microflora.

What is bifidok

Bifidok - a milk beverage made from cow's milk by using special leaven kefir "fungi" and the introduction of the bifidobacteria with extremely useful properties.

The composition and caloric Bifidok

The large number of bifidobacteria - the main useful property of the beverage. However, this fermented milk product has a rich composition:

  • amino acids - the use of essential and nonessential amino acids: the regeneration of tissues and cells in the body;
  • B vitamins participate in all metabolic processes, in particular in the energy metabolism;
  • vitamin C - base material for the maintenance of the immune system, helps in the fight against viruses;
  • vitamin K - antioxidant, its usefulness is to improve the rheological properties of blood cells and clotting;
  • enzymes participate in all metabolic processes in the body.

Caloric Bifidok 100 ml of 50 kcal.

Useful properties Bifidok

Bifidok is a treasure trove for human health and is often prescribed by doctors for medicinal purposes because of its valuable staff.

In addition to cleanse the body and weight loss Bifidok benefits to the body as follows:

  • normalizing the balance of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms in the gut after antibiotic treatment;
  • elimination of diarrhea and constipation;
  • improvement in skin color, its elasticity;
  • reduction in the risk of bleeding;
  • positive effect on the heart and blood vessels;
  • beriberi prevention;
  • improvement in acid-base balance, metabolic processes.

Comment! Among other things bifidok benefits after a hangover, as high levels of beneficial flora in it is capable of quickly and efficiently absorb and remove toxins from the body.

Bifidok during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Bifidok useful and safe in pregnancy because it has low calories, ideal for diet menu. A nursing mother can take bifidok at night for the benefit of the child. This should be done from the second month of breastfeeding for 1-2 glasses of no more than three or four times a week.

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Can I give bifidok children and at what age

Contraindications and harmful if used Bifidok children older than three years are not revealed.

The harm that dairy products has not been proven, contraindications are idiosyncrasy and early childhood. Babies do not recommend taking bifidok due to the fact that of a natural microflora and yogurt property to change its composition can be harmful when breastfeeding.

How to drink bifidok

Benefits and harms of Bifidok as any other substances, determined consumption rate. At its excessive use can cause bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Drugs in this case do not need, you just need to take a break in the use of dairy products.

To improve the functioning of the intestines, and as a preventive measure should be taken bifidok 2-3 cups per week. To restore normal intestinal flora after medication - 200 ml per day for a month. If the reception is essential for losing weight, you should drink a glass of fermented milk in the evening, for an hour or two before bedtime.

Tip! Doctors and nutritionists recommend taking dairy products at night, in this case, lipid degradation will occur during sleep and daily exercise will be much more efficient.

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