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Benefits and harms of a walker for baby

Now the children are provided a variety of educational tools. There are questions about the necessity and the beneficial properties of tools to facilitate the work of the parent. For example, the benefits and harms of walkers cause a lot of controversy among moms, dads and children's specialists.

What are baby walkers

Walkers - a device that is intended to help move independently when the baby crawls only. The design is latched seat belts and of small countertop, mounted on wheels. In the younger age bored just sitting in a playpen or crib, and the device has useful properties: entertains and helps to explore the surrounding area.

The debate about the benefits and dangers of such a "helper" is not abating.

Important! Getting up on its feet, the baby has to carry a load of lifting bags of cement that can bring harm.

Useful properties of the device are obvious - it facilitates the movement of crumbs. Moms often forget that chubby little boy have to independently carry out new things, make an effort and learn. Assistance in the study area can be harmful, especially if it is completely overshadows the beneficial properties of the process of mastering the required skills.

Tot, located in an auxiliary device, there is no need to rely on the walls and develop the ability to keep his balance. He can push off your feet while sitting on the floor and move quickly in the right direction. As a result, there is no need to work and walk independently. Therefore, the beneficial properties of the device can not be exaggerated.

What are the walkers

Go-carts for children there are a variety of designs, colors, and supplemented by various entertaining parts, and as a result, have a variety of useful properties and bring one or the other harm.

The market is represented by a list of devices that allows you to choose the most suitable:

  • Classic model allows little one walker to move without the support of the apartment, with the use of the surrounding space to study and strengthen the legs.
  • Walkers rocking or convertible combines a rocking chair and a walker, has a height regulator, panel with entertaining toys, a comfortable seat.
  • Walker-jumpers. The outer design of such baby accessories like a baby carrier, equipped with special straps. As a rule, it hung in the doorway and allowed to apply to six months, at the same time necessarily required to obtain permission from a podiatrist. Then the application will take place without harm and useful properties will be obtained.
  • Walker-wheelchair is very loved by the children. Resemble a toy on wheels, which is pushing toddler in front of him. Baby walker-wheelchair designed for children who are able to stand and walk on their own.
  • Walkers walking (for children with cerebral palsy) constitute a support for a walker or elbow-rollatory where support is located at the rear side.

How many months of the baby can be put into a walker

Benefits and walkers harmful for children may be of equal, if not pay attention to the recommendations and advice of experts and use the device only for the parents to take care of business at the time, as the baby grows and develops world.

The kid is allowed to put into the device when it has already made its first steps, only then will be able to reduce the likelihood of damage and get the useful properties.

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In this case, you must make sure that these contraindications do not exist:

  • weak muscle tone in the legs;
  • irritated skin in the groin;
  • diagnosed rickets presence;
  • disorders in the musculoskeletal system.

Even if all indicators have crumbs in norm, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • Kid older than 8 months.
  • Availability of strengthening the back muscles in toddler. It should not be filled up to the side, the back must be kept straight. Usually, this happens in six months - nine months.
  • It is important to take into account the psychological factor. When a baby is crawling with confidence and he has a desire to move on their own, you can offer him a similar tool.

Important! Only then walkers can demonstrate their beneficial properties and benefit, not harm.

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