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The bran useful for the body, calorie

Bran - a very popular diet product, who is credited with a lot of healing properties. Therefore, the benefits and harms of bran - a question that should be paid special attention. The article tells about the value of this magic bullet, but it will show on the contraindications to its use.

What makes Bran

Bran or bran, do not produce specifically: a byproduct of milling cereals. They constitute the outer shell of the grain, which is structurally rigid due to the gastrointestinal tract which are not digested by enzymes. It contains a sufficient amount of mineral fiber, so they are involved in the maintenance of the colon microflora in the normal range.

Comment! Bran - a product of processing of cereals, to which people have found good use.

types bran

Depending on the processed cereals are divided into these types:

  • Buckwheat - buckwheat hulls;
  • Rice - shell of rice grains;
  • Barley - barley outer shell;
  • oats - oat hull;
  • Wheat - husks of wheat;
  • Rye - a product of processing of rye.

Also, they are divided into large and small, depending on the degree of grinding.

Important! The most valuable and beneficial to health are oat bran.

Chemical composition and caloric content of bran

The chemical composition, properties and use of valuable product depends on its type.

Without exception, all species have a rich composition of the macro, trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, the bran - a dietary product, whose use in various diseases and disorders of the huge body.


  • group B;
  • tocopherol (E);
  • Vitamin K.


  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • manganese;
  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium.

A warning! Despite the value of the product, in order to avoid harm is not necessary to use it haphazardly and immoderately.

Useful properties of bran

The product is rich in fiber, trace elements and a variety of vitamins. Thanks to these properties, it benefits all human organs and systems, and the ability to cause damage to health by its use is minimal.

The main useful property bran for all is their beneficial effects on the digestive tract because of the high fiber content in the composition. It is believed that people could extend their life by eating more than roughage (the one that is rich in fiber).

Also, they are able to improve the work of the visual apparatus and normalize blood glucose levels and provide a bracing effect on the human immune system.

You can list and other useful properties of the bran:

  • a beneficial effect on skin, hair and nails;
  • a purifier of the whole body of toxins.

Attention! Bran for bowel cleansing are an indispensable product.

  • It may be administered in the diet as a means for the treatment and prevention of dysbacteriosis;
  • lowering cholesterol;
  • Regular, proper use to prevent obesity;
  • contribute to the normalization process biliary excretion;
  • It is recommended for hypertensive patients;
  • beneficial effect on the condition of the veins so useful for varicose veins.

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