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How to scrub the skin with Zelenka

The solution of brilliant green, popularly known as green paint, firmly took its place in the home medicine cabinet since Soviet times. This helps antiseptic for cuts, bruises and abrasions, but its bright color and then a long time left on the skin that looks are not always aesthetically pleasing and can cause discomfort. But still ways to scrub the skin with Zelenka there, and they are not so little.

breeding methods spots of green fodder from the skin

There are lots of methods that allow you to scrub Zelenka from the skin in a matter of minutes. Their effectiveness often depends on what part of the spots are located and how long they have been applied. Given these conditions, we can choose the most suitable option among a wide variety of ways, which include folk, cosmetics and chemicals.

How can scrub the skin with Zelenka folk remedies

When it becomes necessary to quickly scrub Brilliant green from the skin so that it does not any traces left on the rescue of folk remedies. The main and most obvious advantage of such means is that the components for their production can be found in every home, and to prepare the composition, you need a minimum of effort and time. Everything else, they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, and the resulting effect of them did not lose the effect of cosmetic formulations and medicines.

How quickly scrub the skin with alcohol Zelenka

Perhaps one of the most affordable and effective ways to help scrub brilliant green skin, is an antiseptic effect on alcohol or any drinks with a high alcohol content. Zelenka derive in this way is very simple - enough to moisten the alcohol-containing liquid or a cotton pad clean cloth and carefully wipe each spot of brilliant green on the skin until it is completely disappearance.

However, it should be remembered that, although this method is less time-consuming, it should not be used by people with hypersensitive skin or dry, to prevent it from drying out further.

As with the display body Zelenka hydrogen peroxide

Scrub Zelenka more gently help hydrogen peroxide. This tool has a more gentle effect compared with alcohol, and besides, it can be purchased at any pharmacy for a nominal cost. Hydrogen peroxide is suitable for all skin types and does not cause irritation and flaking.

The only caveat is that the process for the removal of brilliant green Hydrogen peroxide is not suitable for skin treatment around the eyes and lips, as penetration agents to mucous membranes can cause chemical burns.

Important! To scrub your face from the green fodder in the eye and mouth area, you should use cosmetics.

How to display brilliant green spots from the skin with baking soda

Zelenka effectively scrub the skin with baking soda is able, thanks to its cleansing properties, but to achieve a result, this method may require the application of some physical efforts. Antiseptic scrub soda can be as follows:

  • In a deep vessel pour soda running water - to give a homogeneous semifluid mass.
  • The resulting composition is applied with a clean cloth or sponge onto brilliant green spot and rubbed into the skin in a circular motion for 30 - 40 seconds.
  • After that, the skin should wash with water. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

This method has worked well, if you want to scrub Zelenka from the body or hands. To remove all traces of preservative from the face of such a method is unsuitable.

How to display Zelenka from the skin with lemon juice

Zelenka withdraw from the skin of the hands can also use lemon juice. You will need 1 - 2 slices of juicy lemon. fruit juice can be squeezed on cotton pad or directly use the lemon pulp, putting it directly in the next antiseptic. Bleaching properties of lemon help scrub stains brilliant green, but will have to be repeated after 2 to complete their removal process may - 3 minutes. Similarly effect possesses citric acid.

Tip! If you want to scrub Zelenka with children's skin, lemon juice should be diluted with water at the rate of 2: 1.

How to withdraw from the skin Zelenka sorrel

Almost instant results can be obtained if an antiseptic scrub traces of sorrel. It operates on the same principle as that of lemon juice, but the active ingredients in its composition withdrawn emerald dye is much faster. To get rid of the hollow green fodder can simply wipe the skin leaves of sorrel or run them through a blender and then treat stains pressed juice of the plant.

Tip! Such a method has proven to be useful and to remove the brilliant green of the carpet or upholstery.

Other ways (choose another 3-5 ways)

Against zelenki helps ordinary soapy water. To this dye stains carefully lathered soap to foam formation, and then wiped with sponge and rinsed. Antiseptic scrub can be faster if the spots on the skin more fresh and did not have time to dry. For this method amiss and conventional toilet soap, but more economic impact on pigment structure.

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To scrub with neck and face brilliant green spots, also used vegetable oil. Habitual sunflower oil is quite cope with the task, but you can replace it with olive, almond or coconut, which, in addition to removing impurities, soften and moisturize the skin. To scrub the stain from the antiseptic, enough small amount of oil deposited on a cotton pad. Processing procedure for securing the effect is better to spend twice at an interval of 5 minutes.

Tip! The method is not only good for the skin, but also to remove traces of hair with an antiseptic.

Contribute to the stain removal zelenki makes ascorbic acid. To antiseptic scrub body with sufficient grind the substance 1 tablet and dissolve it in water at room temperature. The resulting solution was to wipe all traces of green fodder.

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