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Benefits and harms of raw eggs - an interesting question for fans of fresh eggnog and for all fans of a healthy diet. To understand, you need to explore product features and to understand how different from the boiled raw eggs.

The composition and caloric content of raw eggs

Of all the birds' eggs in uncooked foods made use chicken or quail - in the other species the risk to stumble upon a product contaminated with the bacteria is too great. Chemical composition of raw and cooked eggs is approximately the same, the difference is mainly present in the amounts of substances. The structure includes:

  • fatty acids of all types - saturated, poly- and monounsaturated;
  • mineral elements - calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron, cobalt, selenium and the like;
  • vitamins - A, D, E, H, PP;
  • B vitamins - thiamin and riboflavin, choline and pyridoxine;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • Vitamin B12;
  • amino acids.

In general the composition contains the protein in an amount of 12.7 g Also, the product a lot of fat - about 11.5 grams, and a small proportion of carbohydrates is present - about 0.7 g These figures are about the same for both quail and chicken to the testicles.

Calorie 1 raw egg chicken is 157 calories per 100 g, and quail - 158 calories per 100 grams

Can I eat raw quail eggs

Speckled eggs, not only can be eaten raw - make it highly recommended. They contain a huge amount of nutrients, and the lack of heat treatment allows to preserve vitamins in full. In addition, the quail - a bird with a strong immunity, and their eggs are rarely affected dangerous bacteria and Escherichia coli. In general, it is the use of raw quail eggs valued particularly highly.

Can I drink raw eggs

Despite the fact that the use of raw eggs is not much less than the quail, you need to use them with greater care. The product is much more common Salmonella - a dangerous E. coli. Purchase the product only need to have reliable suppliers and good shops, but will not prevent further check it for freshness before breaking up shells.

How useful raw quail and chicken eggs

The benefits from the use of raw eggs is that the product in the absence of heat treatment preserves much more valuable properties. Crude protein faster and better absorbed by the body, vitamins and minerals present in the product in its entirety.

The overall benefit to the organism

With careful use of the product demonstrates the beneficial properties, namely:

  • It improves the blood, protect against anemia and properly maintain hemoglobin;
  • regulates the level of cholesterol in moderation - this is the use of raw eggs for the liver;
  • strengthens joints and ligaments, prevents the development of arthritis and rheumatic diseases, softens the effects of trauma;
  • improves the overall immune resistance;
  • positive impact on the health and vitality, improves memory and supports brain activity;
  • It regulates blood pressure, taking care of the health of blood vessels and the heart;
  • It promotes healthy weight loss and getting rid of body fat;

Useful properties of raw eggs for voice - they are encouraged to regularly drink to anyone who is seriously engaged in the singing.

The use of raw eggs for men

The use of raw eggs for men is that the properties of the product beneficial effect on the reproductive system. Raw eggs for potency ensure that a long time will not appear libido problems and improve the quality of the genetic material.

In addition, due to the amino acid product is highly recommended for inclusion in the sports diet. Its useful properties help to increase muscle size and enhanced the production of male hormones. However, be aware that the benefits and harms of raw eggs for women in sport is dependent on the method of use Product - take for the growth of some proteins better muscles, because the yolks contain a lot of harmful cholesterol.

The use of raw eggs for women

Crude product benefits and the female body. Blood-forming properties are useful during the monthly women's ailments. The product helps to easily move menstruation, because it eliminates the vascular spasms, relieves constipation and diarrhea, soothes the effects of blood loss.

Raw proteins useful to use during weight loss and sports - their beneficial properties to help get rid of excess weight without sacrificing a healthy muscle mass.

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