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The garlic is useful for the organism, folk remedies, reviews

Benefits and harms of garlic cause a lot of different opinions. In order to understand the situations in which properties of the product will be most useful, you need to carefully examine the features.

Chemical composition and caloric content of garlic

In folk medicine and in cooking garlic is widely known benefits for the human body. It is defined saturated composition of the product, it has a lot of valuable items. Namely:

  • Vitamins B1 and PP;
  • carotene and riboflavin;
  • vitamin C;
  • volatile and pectins;
  • essential oil;
  • enzymes and amino acids;
  • polysaccharides;
  • organic acids;
  • potassium, phosphorus and copper;
  • manganese, iodine and sulfur;
  • cobalt and molybdenum;
  • calcium and sodium.

100 g of the product contains about 142 kcal. In the separate garlic clove is present only about 6 kcal, since the average weight of cloves 3-4

Useful properties of garlic

The benefits of eating garlic every day unconditional. If you do not exceed the small doses, the product will be able to:

  • equalize pressure in hypertension;
  • serve as a high-quality prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood glucose levels;
  • bring relief from gastritis with low production of gastric juice and colitis;
  • strengthened and made more flexible vessels - benefits of garlic for varicose legs;
  • rid the body of helminths;
  • reduce temperature and serve as a good diuretic.

The product is used for the prevention of scurvy and to eliminate flatulence and diarrhea. He is good for the heart and liver, brings good effect as a tonic.

Garlic Benefits for women

Garlic is beneficial for women's health, due to its antifungal and antiseptic properties, it is perfectly helps with a wide range of gynecological diseases. The product is used for cystitis and coleitis, it reduces inflammation and is a good complement to medicines.

Garlic benefits for the female organism is that with regular use it aligns hormones and normalizes the monthly cycle. It is useful to use the product at the time of menopause, it is able to reduce the frequency of hot flashes. Vegetable often used in cosmetics, as a part of facial masks it helps fight acne and acne.

The garlic is useful for men

Benefits for the body of garlic men is the positive impact of the product on the urogenital area. The product improves the potency and libido, plays an important role of garlic benefits for the heart and blood vessels, it protects the body against the development of dangerous diseases.

The product is considered to be a good prevention of prostate tumors and inflammation. Regular consumption of garlic has a good beneficial effect on reproductive function, up to cure male infertility. In addition, stimulating properties of the product sought after by athletes to increase endurance and strength indicators can eat a couple cloves of product shortly before the workouts.

Can I garlic pregnant and lactating

The benefits of garlic for the heart, immune system and blood circulation is very popular during pregnancy. In addition, the product contains folic acid, and thus a beneficial effect on the emerging fruit. Therefore, during the childbearing useful vegetable is not necessary to remove from the diet - in small amounts will not harm him.

However, an overdose of the product is quite dangerous because it can cause damage to the digestive system and the heart rate of women. You need to use it regularly, but little by little.

But breastfeeding benefits of fresh garlic comes into question - as all the hot spices, it can harm the baby. The product is recommended to return to the diet only 4 months after birth and in extremely small quantities.

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