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You want a healthy lush Geranium? Learn how to choose the time for transplanting

To geraniums on the windowsill was a flourishing and healthy, it is important to follow the rules of care for this plant. In fact, pelargonium is not finicky and capricious plant, but there are things that still need to be taken into account.

Conditions for successful cultivation

1. First of all it is important to remember that Africa is the birthplace of Pelargonium. Geranium rather cope with the arid soil than from excess moisture.

2. the cultivation temperature ranges from +18 to +25 C. During calm admit temperature drop to 10 C, but not less.

3. Pelargonium can exist in partial shade, but for a successful flowering pot with a plant put on the windowsill with access to the south-west or south-east.

4. The plant does not like compacted soil. To solve this problem, I try to periodically loosen the soil, but no deeper than 4-5 cm.

5. As a top dressing should be used nitrogen and potash and phosphate fertilizers. In order not to bother to acquire any special fertilizer for pelargonium or fertilize universal drug for fertilizing flowering plants.

6. For a lush flowering shrub pruning. This procedure is spending spring. Plant after trimming should be about 5 to renal growth of the young shoots.

Choosing the right time for the transplant

If we consider all the above points, the plant will not need frequent transplant. But sometimes there are cases where it is still needed. transplanting time depends on the circumstances.

If the shrub all summer spent on the street, in the autumn of his transplant in a volume pot and stand in the room. To pelargonium survived the winter, I do not advise you to store it in the basement or another dark place. Pots with plants should stand in bright places.

In order not to damage the root system, handled a bush with a clod of earth in the pot.

Thus geranium transfer transplant with minimal losses.

If the soil in the pot waterlogged, and the bush begins to die for this reason, we should not expect for the right moment - the transplantation is performed immediately.

In the spring of every self-respecting housewife trying to decorate with flowers balcony or infield. Geranium bushes are planted in pots or in the beds at a time when there is no threat of frost.

If the bush is already old enough, and he crowded in a small pot, I advise you to make transplant in March or early April. At this time, yet very active sun and heat. Therefore, geranium is well established and will give more luxuriant bloom.

If there is no urgent need for a transplant, I advise you to make a transplant during the waxing Moon. In those days, the plant is better accepted and form a good crown.

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