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Want to continuous flowering in orchids? Learn how to properly care for peduncle

Flowers - This plant brings joy. Orchids are among the most delicate flowers that can be grown at home.

Despite the fact that this flower is unpretentious care, it is nevertheless important to know the features of cultivation. If for Phalaenopsis properly looked after, you can get continual bloom.

For the first time the orchid room, I met with her friend. Flower grown in her pot and had a riotous bloom.

Given that I am very fond of indoor plants and decided to buy himself a plant, thereby adding to his collection. On the market today offers a wide choice, but it is important to know how not to be mistaken with the selection process.

How to choose orchids sprout

Many do not know how to choose the right plant in bringing home to bring perishing plant.

The flower have to be healthy and strong root system, if holding the stem of the plant wobbles, its roots are dead and it is better to give up such an acquisition.

Thus, the flower I brought home and started looking for information so the plant since there is a certain specificity that should be considered.

Features of plant growth

It turns out that when you just brought flowers home from the store it is not necessary for two weeks to try to take care of the flower. Orchid is quite difficult to tolerate habitat change, so it is best to leave the flower alone.

For the first time, Phalaenopsis does not need proximity to other colors, and even the sun's rays. If after two weeks you will see that the flower has stepped strong root system and is beginning to recover, it is time to rearrange the pot on the window sill to the other colors.

Orchid must receive a certain amount of moisture, so depending on the season irrigation period may be different.

· Spring flower watered once a week;

· In summer, the frequency must be once in two days;

· In cold weather, watering is carried out once in two weeks.

In addition to watering the plants it is necessary also to bathe, especially in hot weather. If the temperature exceeds thirty degrees Celsius, the bathing frequency of once every five days.

Thus the plant will receive all that is needed for productive growth and flowering. Despite the fact that the orchid flower does not require special care, it is still important to know some of the features and specifics.

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