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The useful toothpowder, Properties and Applications

Tooth powder - the traditional means of oral hygiene, known decades ago. With the start of production of the toothpaste, it has been unfairly forgotten, although having undeniable advantages. A useful product can be made at home, as the most secure means for oral care. Let us try to understand what benefits and harms of tooth powder.

What is a tooth powder

Ready is a toothpowder microheterogeneous system having a particle size in the range of 10-5 - 10-3 cm. Produced in plastic containers of various sizes and shapes.

Types of dental powders

On varieties of detergent affect the age of the consumer, the direction of use and preferences associated with a particular flavor.

The most common are the following types of product:

  • with cinnamon and ginger;
  • mint;
  • with nutmeg;
  • children's;
  • special;
  • family;
  • bleaching.
    Toothpowder, thanks to a good abrasive action of its constituent components can be used for cleaning and teeth whitening; additional emollients are included in the infant formula.

Composition toothpowder

Besides the main components - calcium carbonate in the product is introduced in the form of additives clay, sodium carbonate, or aluminum chloride, flavors and other related substances. For example, sea salt, - actively fight bacteria and accelerates tissue regeneration. Dry crushed herbs, eliminate bleeding, disinfect, refresh the mouth, relieve inflammation of the gums. Essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, for example, act as antiseptics. Copes with bacteria and eliminate bad breath - cinnamon. Tooth powder for children has finer crystal structure. Such composition more carefully cleans the thin enamel children's teeth.

The principle of operation of tooth powder

Unlike pastes, a cleaning mixture of abrasive particles coarser, with sharp edges that resemble crystals. When exposed to the teeth, remove plaque and particles eliminate bacteria. Useful components penetrate through the pores in enamel and reinforce the inner part of the tooth.

Which is better: a dentifrice or toothpaste

Any paste contains preservatives, including harmful foaming agent - sodium lauryl sulfate and its derivatives, abbreviated SLS and SLES. They harm the enamel and gums. The main advantage of powdered product - no foaming agents and preservatives. After the first application means, it is possible to note the smoothness of enamel, which is not observed when using the paste. The fine abrasive particles well with a coating and polished enamel.

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Powdered means better paste influences:

  • in the process of destruction of tartar;
  • to bleaching, this is especially true for coffee lovers, tea and cigarettes;

In terms of cost (it is several times cheaper than any pasta). In addition to the basic problem - oral care, the hygienic agent is used for cleaning silver, nickel silver, for face care, stain removal, etc..

How to use tooth powder

Brush your teeth this means easy and fast. A small amount of detergent is applied to a wet brush. Movement when brushing the teeth should be less intense than when using the paste. At the end of the cleaning must be thoroughly rinsed his mouth with water.

Some features dentifrice using powder to be aware of:

  • better use dentifrice brush with soft bristles, so as not to damage the enamel;
  • duration of the procedure - at least 5 minutes;
  • rinse the mouth to be longer than when using the paste; hard fine particles are washed once with rinse;
  • begin the process better with incisors and front teeth;

Important! After cleaning, the abrasive particles may increase the sensitivity of the enamel. Usually it is felt in the first few weeks after starting use. In the future, due to the effect of habituation, - this feeling disappears.

Tooth powder for the face

Tooth powder for the face is good to use as a scrub. Effectiveness of the procedure increases many times after a visit to the bath or taking a bath. To cleanse the skin means fingers lightly applied to the face. Skrabiruyut massaging the skin a few minutes, with the skin removes excess fat, horny particles disappear black spots. Purification may be carried out not more than 1 times a week, especially at normal or dry skin.

The mask of black dots on the face (acne) is prepared by mixing a dental bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide. Pasty mixture is applied to problem areas of the face for 30-40 minutes then gently rinsed with plenty of water.

Tooth powder and salt, when used together, are an effective means for scrubbing hard.

Harm tooth powder

Highly abrasive media has both positive and negative effect. Frequent use of the product can reduce the thickness of the enamel. It is recommended to clean the teeth gently and with minimal pressure. Do not use the tool if the gums bleed. The process may be exacerbated.

In general, these moments do not give the described product in a number of undesirable products for oral care. Incorrect to say that toothpowder harmful.

How to make a tooth powder at home

Tooth powder to make their own hands at home is simple.
The most common and simple recipe for.

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  • ginger root powder;
  • soda;
  • sea, stone or Himalayan salt.

All components need to take 1 teaspoon, stir well and is ready for use. Ginger, salt and soda beneficial effect on blood vessels.

This composition provides effective impact on the gums and protects them from bleeding. Brushing teeth recommended this means no more than once or twice a week.

Composition cleaning agent with herbs may be varied to suit individual preferences.

For example, such an interesting and effective composition:

  • calamus root;
  • nettle;
  • mint;
  • chamomile;
  • 0.5 soda spoons;
  • white clay 0,5 spoon.

Herbs are crushed to a powder and added to the mixture. Mint will cool and will give a fresh breath, improve blood circulation; and p has an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic; nettle useful high content of biologically active substances.

Home-made cleaning tooth powders can be used during pregnancy. They will not harm health or mother or future baby.

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