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Useful properties and caloric content of black tea

Benefits and harms of black tea - the vital issue, since this drink is one of the first places in popularity. To evaluate the properties of tea, you need to study the characteristics and effects on the body.

What is a black tea

In fact, black tea is made from leaves of the same plant that is used to create green tea. The difference is in the processing of the leaves. For black processing grades as follows:

  • gathered tea leaves for several hours light subjected to dried, to rid them of excess moisture;
  • then the leaves are rolled and fermented - it allows you to extend the shelf life of tea and discover the taste;
  • at the final stage feedstock dried at a temperature above 90 ° C and optionally subjected to a shallow cutting.

Ready tea sort, flavored or provided with additives, depending on the type and packaged for sale. Benefits and harms of black tea for the body different from the properties of green tea, as the fermentation process will inevitably lose some valuable substances. But still leaves retain useful properties.

Kinds of black tea

Tea leaves can be subdivided into several categories. First of all, it is sorted by size of tea leaves.

  • The most useful are considered large leaf teas that were not subjected to cutting in the manufacturing process. They have the most profound taste and a mild aroma.
  • A little bit inferior to them in broken grade properties of tea - tea leaves here already cut, but large enough so the tea retains the rich flavor and deep color.
  • Finely chopped tea leaves is called the bran, or Fanning. The advantages of these varieties include rapid infusion and strong taste, but their use is slightly smaller.
  • Tea dust, which is very fine particles of tea leaves, usually packed in paper bags for one time use. The drink has high strength, but the taste quality is worse than that of other species.

size of tea leaves - this is not the only way to sort the product. teas can also be divided according to type of treatment:

  • baikhovi - this is the usual loose tea from the traditional tea leaves;
  • extracted - powder or "liquid" tea flavors and the taste of dim;
  • pressed - tea "tablets", "bricks", or in the form of tiles with a bright flavor, but very weak flavor.

Sometimes the market can meet a variety of pellets. This tea is subjected to extreme twisting in production, and as a result leaves give a faint fragrance, but have a pronounced taste.

The composition and caloric content of black tea

Benefits and harms of black tea for health - the question of the chemical composition. The tea leaves are present:

  • a small amount of vitamin C;
  • Vitamins B1 and B2;
  • vitamins K and P;
  • carotene and nicotinic acid;
  • amino acids and pectin;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • potassium and fluoro, iodo;
  • caffeine and tannin.

Thus, the product is both uniquely useful and potentially harmful elements. Totally unique, you can count calorie tea when brewed beverage without sugar and other additives, then it will never calories.

Is it possible to black tea for pregnant and lactating

The benefits of black tea for women in position is large enough - invigorating drink, warm, rarely causes nausea. But at the same time the beverage can and bring harm, increasing blood pressure and heart rate uchaschaya. Therefore, drinking black tea during pregnancy is recommended in amounts not more than a couple of cups a day and brew it must be very weak. Benefits will be from tea with the addition of herbs and dried berries.

Breastfeeding beverage properties are also useful, it helps prevent gastric disorders. But drink it should also weakly brewed, or better yet add milk tea - it will contribute to strengthening of lactation.

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