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In modern medicine, used a number of useful drugs century ago, are included in the so-called "golden fund" of drugs. One such medication is aspirin. Benefits and harms of aspirin involve its use in accordance with specific indications.

The story of aspirin

In 1999, there was 100 years since the establishment of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Acetylsalicylic acid, benefit and harm is sufficiently studied, considered one of the most popular drugs. The pharmaceutical industry offers more than 100 formulations comprising ASA as the base material.

Important! List indications for acceptance is constantly expanding. The main effect of the drug - an antithrombotic.

Aspirin for the first time the source is mentioned 4,000 years ago. People used a decoction of the leaves and willow bark to treat colds, fever and other disease states. Crystalline substance, which is called salitsilom, was obtained in 1829. Salicylic acid is created in 1839.

The first factory for the production of salicylates was founded in 1874. At the German company Bayer in 1888 organized the pharmaceutical division, which produces salicylic acid.

The substance differed cheapness and availability of toxic properties, limiting its use in medical practice. This fact has led to the emergence of a useful drug.

In 1897 he was described by the manner in which it was possible to obtain substantially pure acetylsalicylic acid. ASA has high pharmacological activity and no significant irritant effect on the gastric mucosa. The new drug is called Aspirin and began to be issued in 1898 as antipyretic, analgesic and sedative drug.

The chemical composition of Aspirin

Useful properties of aspirin due to its chemical composition. Its structure also includes other drugs having different chemical structure (Indomethacin).

Aspirin ASA or - an ester which is formed salicylic acid and acetic acid. Salicylic acid is reacted during the formation of ASA as phenol.

The substance is a white crystalline powder or crystals are colorless and odorless. It allowed a faint smell and a slightly acidic taste. ASA is poorly soluble in water, ethanol and chloroform. Aspirin is readily soluble in alcohol, ether and alkali.

The mechanism of action of aspirin

Aspirin has the following beneficial effects on the body:

  • Anti-inflammatory. Means suppresses inflammation phase, in which the blood comes out through the wall of blood vessels and edema. The drug reduces the formation of inflammatory mediators, such as prostaglandins.
  • pyretic. Experts believe that this action is also to block the synthesis of prostaglandins. A decrease in temperature occurs in response to the expansion of blood vessels in the skin.
  • analgesic. This mechanism is represented by a peripheral and central component. Increasing the level of prostaglandins increases the sensitivity of nerve endings. By reducing the concentration of prostaglandins marked decrease in pain.
  • antiplatelet. Aspirin is used in pathologies of the cardiovascular system, such as coronary heart disease. Use expressed in the prevention of thrombus formation due to the properties of the substance.
  • antithrombotic. Useful properties are due to a short circulation of substances in the blood and inhibition of the synthesis of the primary clotting factor (thrombin precursor).

Important! Benefits and harms of the drug are directly related to its effects on the body.

How useful Aspirin

Useful properties are used in various pathological states. In particular, aspirin is beneficial for the heart. The medicine is used as a prophylactic measure in accordance with international recommendations.

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