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The proven method of storing carrots. Save your harvest without problems

Growing in the country or the plot carrots, I want to keep the roots juicy and firm, as long as possible. There are several ways to store carrots, I will talk about their achievements and observations.

Especially for winter storage I grow late varieties of carrot: Queen of Autumn, Samson Flakkoro. With sowing in no hurry, I am planted carrots for storage at the beginning of June.

Then the harvest can be collected just before the frost and lower roots already in the cooled cellar. Cleaned carrots not before the second half of September in the afternoon when the temperature does not exceed +10 +12 degrees.

It is important to harvest carrots so as not to damage the roots, do not leave it on the wounds. I cut off the tops flush with the shears shoulders. Many dried carrots before storage, but I do not.

Important! Soiled in the ground carrots before storage is not my! It can only be a rag to clean off with large chunks of root soil.

I keep carrots in a brick cellar with adobe floors. In the winter the air temperature is kept at +4 +6 degrees, the humidity of about 70%. This is the optimal conditions for the carrot.

If warmer than the storage root will dryabnut. Rectify the situation can with plastic bottles of frozen water. Depending on the volume of their cellars may need 20 to 50 pieces.

Carrot itself in the cellar stacked in wooden or plastic boxes, pouring sand or sawdust.

Sometimes you need a little sprinkle sand or sawdust with water if they are too dry. Carrots are placed in boxes so that the roots do not touch each other.

What should I do if there is no summer resident cellar and keep the carrot crop is necessary?

My friend cope with the harvest of carrots in this way:

· Nekonditsiyu root crops (small, cracked, damaged by digging) grinds grated and craps in the freezer;

· Carrot distributes plastic bags and cleans the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator (ibid carrots good lies up to 6 weeks);

· Part of the crop lays in an iron barrel, pour sawdust or straw paving, and buries in the country.

The last option allows you to keep carrots fresh and juicy until April. Iron barrel with a lid protects the vegetables from the mice, and burying in the ground does not freeze Roots.

In addition, place the carrots can be insulated storage, distribute the fallen leaves and covered with earth.

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