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Do birth control pills are harmful, mode of operation, the consequences of receiving

Lack of adequate contraception is fraught with an unplanned pregnancy. One of the most effective methods of prevention are considered birth control pills. Benefits and harms of contraceptive pills sufficiently studied. Drugs affect the hormonal balance and functioning of the organism as a whole, that can manifest change in health.

What are the ingredients of birth control pills

Useful properties of contraceptive pills due to their composition. COCs include two components:

  • Estrogen. Due to the synthetic hormones occurs imitation of the normal development of the endometrium. Thus, it eliminates the possibility of uterine bleeding.
  • Progestogen. Useful component prevents pregnancy, which is achieved as a result of the necessary changes to the reproductive organs functioning.

In most contraceptive pills contain ethinylestradiol (active estrogen). Progestogens are derivatives of 19-nortestosterone:

  • levonorgestrel;
  • norethisterone;
  • Norgestrel.

Modern progestogens include:

  • drospirenone;
  • gestodene;
  • Dezostrel;
  • Dienogest.

Important! Modern COCs have the most benefit, as an androgenic effect is not pronounced. Birth control pills are not harmful to a significant increase in body weight and effect on metabolic processes in the body.

Gynecologists recommend taking pills only with progestagenic component of the patients after childbirth. Such useful drugs are called mini-pill. This is due to the properties and composition of COCs. Estrogens different property to suppress the production of breast milk.

Progestin contraceptive pills (Charozetta) women are assigned to restrict the intake of estrogens. Progestins shown in diabetes, hypertension, obesity. Otherwise, the COC may be harmful.

If estrogen concentration is less than 35 micrograms, such low-dose COCs considered. Mikrodozirovannye contraceptives differ estrogen content in the amount of 20-30 g. Vysokodozirovannye pill contains 50 mcg of ethinyl estradiol.

Attention! Vysokodozirovannye COCs often prescribed for therapeutic purposes.

Depending on the composition of the pill are 3 varieties:

  • Monophasic. The content of useful components is the same in all the pills. There are low-dose (Femoden, Regulon and Marvelon) and mikrodozirovannymi (Logest, and Novinet Mersilon).
  • Biphasic. They include a constant amount of estrogen. progestogen concentration is increased during the 2 phases of the cycle. The total dose of estrogen is significantly higher compared to the monophasic COCs. Progestogen dosage reduced. Among the new generation of drugs that also benefit as a therapeutic agent, emit Trial, Three-merci and Trisilest.
  • Three-phase. The ratio of hormones changes to mimic the natural cycle.

Some birth control pills are different useful anti-androgenic properties, because they include the progestogen. Among the COCs with antiandrogenic properties and allocate Jeanine Diane-35. Novinet, Tri-merci and regulon progesteronopodobnym have a pronounced influence.

Important! COCs containing desogestrel, benefit in the form of treatment of hyperandrogenism in adolescents.

Fourth-generation progestogens ingredient - drospirenone. Component has useful properties:

  • antiestrogens;
  • antigonadotropnym;
  • anti-androgenic.

Drospirenone causes harm to the body in the form of significant side effects and is recommended for women with pressure surges. The use of birth control pills is to eliminate the symptoms of PMS.

Referred to the following combinations of progestogen and estrogen:

  • Estrogen + norgestrel (Cyclo-proginova);
  • levonorgestrel estrogen + (Rigevidon, Mikroginon);
  • Estrogen + desogestrel (Marvelon, Novinet);
  • gestodene + estrogen (Femoden, Gestarella);
  • Estrogen + norgestimate (Dimia, Yasmin);
  • Estrogen + nomegetrol (Zoeli);
  • ethinyl estradiol + dienogest (Janine).

A combination of estrogen and progestogen:

  • Estrogen + levonorgestrel (Three-regol);
  • Estrogen + dezogesrel (Three-Mercy).

Progestogens are represented by the following synthetic hormones:

  • levonorgestrel (Ekskapel);
  • lynestrenol (Eksklyuton);
  • desogestrel (Charozetta).

Important! For the purpose of emergency contraception using levonorgestrel.

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