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Is it necessary to plow the garden before winter: how and when to plow the ground in the fall right

3 years ago I purchased a garden plot, which has decided to engage in horticultural works.

Skills tillage I absolutely was not so, listening to new ideas, I did not dig the soil in the fall, as a result got a lot of problems:

· On my site a huge number of different kinds of weeds;

· Soil proved even more contaminated by various kinds of pests such as the Colorado potato beetle, cricket;

· Topsoil strongly sufficiently it dried respectively soil was not equipped with oxygen and its salinity increased significantly.

So before you go plowing the land for the next year, I have consulted with experts, that the long period of work on the ground and on their recommendation the main emphasis was placed on me fall plowing land.

I would like to provide some tips on plowing the land in autumn.

1. It is important to deal with breaking up the ground before the temperature in the night period, fall below + 5. In this period, the earth will still be soft and it will be easy to plow.

2. The perfect month for plowing the garden is November.

3. If the soil is exhausted, before breaking up the ground it is sure to fertilize the humus to the next year to increase its fertility. When this humus should be stale, otherwise the soil will be inflicted harm.

4. Before instillation of land is required by a rake to remove crumbled leaves and dry grass, to produce loosening the earth lightly.

This process provokes weed growth. After 2 weeks, as soon as the seeds germinate, you can carry out land digging with a shovel or a walking tractor.

5. If the site is small, it is possible to be engaged in digging the ground with a shovel. This is not only economical, but also to preserve the fertile layer of soil.

6. If more than 5 acres of land, it is best to take advantage of tillers, which plowed the ground to a depth of 25 cm.

Such a method makes it more oxygen to saturate the ground and destroy a large number of weeds.

7. In the garden, you need to engage in digging carefully, so as not to damage the tree trunks of the tree. It is better to loosen the ground using chopper.

8. If the land to the horticultural area is loose and rich sand, then it should only be shallow hoe.

9. The depth of digging the earth depends on what kind of culture will grow on the ground for the next year. If you intend to plant a pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, then burying depth should be 30 cm.

If they grow beans, radish, cucumber, pepper, tomato, the digging depth should be no more than 10 cm.

10. When digging revealed the roots of weeds, they immediately clean up, but in no case can not bury.

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