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How useful beans, properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of beans - an interesting question, because these beans are often used in the daily diet as a part of various dishes. You need to carefully examine their features to objectively evaluate the properties.

The history of the origin of the beans

Homeland beans science believes America - to cultivate the product in the territory of the continent began about 7000 years ago, bean seeds found during archaeological excavations of the Inca settlements. In Europe, the product was introduced after Columbus discovered America. However, the first time the plant was used for decorative purposes - grown on the facades of buildings, as long curly stems very nicely wrapped around the walls and columns.

On the territory of the Russian product was only 200 years after the discovery of America and spread legume world. And the first 100 years of the Russian Empire beans just perform only a decorative function. However, in the 18th century, the benefits and harms of beans for the body all the same have been opened - since culture began to grow for use in cooking.

How and where to grow beans

Currently beans grown in most countries. Especially successfully promoted its cultivation in warmer regions of the world with a large number of sunny days per year, light fertile soils and moderate rainfall. Such conditions likes to plant and when available shows better productivity.

Leaders in the production of beans are the three countries - China, Argentina and Egypt. In Russia, beans also successfully grown, but it is not included in the list of major crops.

Types of beans and their beneficial properties

several varieties of bean beans can be found in shops and markets. They differ not only in color but also for useful properties.


Beans red found on the tables very often - it is spread most. Its useful properties is to increase the fiber content - only 100g it possible to obtain the daily rate of fiber. Red beans are perfectly saturated and still have the ability to remove toxins and prevent the development of cancer.


White beans are very good for teeth. They have strong antibacterial properties and improved oral health. If you use them regularly, the product will protect your teeth from the appearance of plaque and tartar. In addition, the product is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and prevents the development of diseases.

Green (beans)

Green beans contains a large number of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the immune system and has beneficial effects on blood vessels, improves overall body tone. It is appropriate to highlight the particularly useful properties of beans for men.

In this abuse of the product can harm and lead to problems with the intestine. Eat beans need a little, especially a tendency to constipation and diarrhea.


Black beans - a leader in protein content. Of all the types of product the most calories, but it also can be considered the most useful. Beans have powerful protivoonkologicheskimi properties, prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. When used it is necessary to remember only about dosages, do not get involved nutritious beans.

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