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Exotics from the tropics: the secrets of proper care of begonia tiger

Compact beauty attracted me first variegated leaves, but it is even nicer during the flowering period - covered with small white flowers. In my opinion - it is ideal for landscaping balconies, and I'll share the secrets of home care for her.

It all starts with the soil. Its acidity must be within 5,5-6,5 pH and do not necessarily take the shop - I always mix itself of compost, peat and sand (1 part) and the sheet or garden land (2 parts).

In their homeland - in the tropics, this begonia no shortage of moisture, so that I water it often, generously, as the roots are not rotten - at the bottom of the pot has a drainage layer of expanded clay, plus - small holes.

Personal experience has led to the fact that I still care about the humidity of the air near the Begonia. It would be nice to put beside a decorative fountain, but in principle - you can just put the pot on a container of moist expanded clay.

Panther begonias useful in winter for 3-5 weeks to plunge into a state of rest, and for this you need only cancel watering.

Optimally keep begonia tiger in a room with a temperature of + 15 ° to + 22 ° C, plus - good air ventilation is required, or is likely to have a plant something rots!

Sunlight should be diffused rather than direct - away leaves become dull and receive burns. I live begonia on a window facing east, but also fit the north and the north-eastern side.

Mode of dressing plant complex fertilizers depends on the season:

· Weekly summer;

· Winter once a month and a half.

And because the main thing in this species the leaves - each feeding, except flowering period should be more nitrogen. I make fertilizers after watering - to avoid burning roots.

Of the most dangerous pests two types:

· Aphids usually attacks blossoming begonias and if we observe it in time, you can do instead of chemicals by washing the plant with soapy water, and then - with clean water;

· Eriococcidae notes fluffy lumps on the leaves and dotted necessarily removed with a cotton swab, soaking it in insecticide.

Like many other species, the tiger begonia sometimes need to expand living space, about once every two years.

One day, I hurried to the transfer in advance and it is generally destroyed root system. So it is better to wait until the roots begin to make its way through the holes at the bottom of the pot.

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